thinking of downsizing

I currently have a Pass Labs x1 and xono.  There are 4 chassis total and I am thinking of consolidating to having one piece.  any suggestions?  I am using a mc275 mk 4 withl Merlin monitors.
tzh21y Hi.

You could try again Schiit products here, and pocket allot of dollars with the sale of your Pass Labs x1 and xono.
Schiit is owned by Mike Moffat, and was head designer for Theta, so he knows his stuff. Most of the manufacturing dollars is spent in the circuit and not for glitzy very expensive exterior chassis.

The Freya $699 preamp is 3 in one it can be passive, tube output, or solid state output. And has a trial period.

And for a phono stage the $129 Sciit Mani that does MC and MM. Also with trial period.

Cheers George

To downsizing and not downgrading, a accuphase c-2420 with ad-2850 phono option.
If you're going to stick with the 275/Merlin combo, then consider one of the single chasis Mac preamps (C-52, C2600).