Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
George - I've never actually heard electrostatic phones. I use Beyerdynamic 770s live and Sennheiser 800S in the studio-lab. I chose them for high quality neutrality and because many top-notch recording and mastering engineers use them.

Of interest is that the handling of stereo signal is different for in-room stereo and in-can binaural playback. Great recordings play well in both environments, but many ordinary recordings do not. It would be fascinating to learn whether that qualifier makes for good playback on Thiel / Vandy speakers. A recording that plays well on both stereo and cans must have its phase-time information intact and refrain from 3-D tricks of the trade. I bet those "proper" recordings would sound right on phase coherent speakers. Anybody know anything about this topic? I'm just surmising.

Hello fellow Thiel Owners. I have a question for the tinkerers of the group.

I bought a soldering iron and I have been practicing soldering and desoldering in preparation for possibly removing the damaged driver from my 3.7s. I have been talking with Rob who suggested I do one of two things, either desolder the terminal connection, or cut the wires as close to the terminal as possible. It seems to me that desoldering would be the preferred method but I am curious which method you would chose.

Also, I sent a few questions to Rob and was hoping I could pose the same questions to you guys. Here is what I sent Rob:

"I had a few more questions about removing this driver. I bought a soldering iron and I have been watching youtube videos and practicing soldering and desoldering. I think I am ready to give this a try. What is the best way to position the speaker to remove the driver(on its back, on its side, standing up)? Is a desoldering wick the way to go and if so what size would you recommend? Secondly, once I remove the screws and have the driver lose, how much slack is there in the wire connecting it, will I need a second set of hands to hold it while I desolder it? Beyond the soldering iron, what other tools would I need or would you recommend? Any practical tips for a beginner trying to desolder this terminal connection?"

Thanks for the help guys.

From my experience ,
Set your soldering iron to 600 F , use a flat tip about the size of the wire ,
heat the wire and remove it , use solder wick to remove the solder 
from the connector , use solder with silver ( Cardas for me ) 
to reconnect .

Good Luck
WoW!  800S cans. They certainly must sound better than my HD 600s. The circular transducer must make a difference. 

I agree. Everything that sounds coherent via the electrostatics also sounds coherent with my 2.7s.  

I think the major difference between dynamic and electrostatic  cans is in the compliance and mass of the respective transducers. (Thiele-Small parameters: Small signals.)

( I use the HD600s when my "bat-ears" neighbor grouses about my nocturnal listening habits .)


George - I auditioned the HD600s and the 800s. The 800-S is a big step up due to controlling a resonance at about 8K and the angled circular transducer. As I mentioned, my decision was for alignment with the recording community, not doubting that your electrostatics might sound better. BTW, I see the Audeze cans making serious inroads into high end recording.