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Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
I've been very happy with Blue Jeans Cable  interconnects and speaker cables.  Their speaker cables are made from quality Belden 12 ga and 10 ga stock, with welded terminals (Spade, locking banana, etc,)Speaker cables are cut to the exact length y... 
Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
I’ve had this Audio hobby since 1950. Built mono speakers and amplifiers. Learned long ago that it just isn’t possible to replicate in my home what I’ve heard and experienced in the Musikverein or in a Cathedral with a magnificent pipe organ. IMO,... 
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geoffkait,I'm still sitting on your tail in a Super Hornet, all switches "ON."Gray Eagle 
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prof, Agree!George 
Top Ten "Definitions of an Audiophile"
Audiophile: One who has extensive vinyl and CD collections with superb source playback, but relies exclusively on streaming. 
What are some of the most underrated and overrated loudspeakers you’ve auditioned?
Overrated: Most of the WilsonsUnderrated: Thiel 3.5, 6, 2.7Impossible to listen to: Bose 
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The Brysron power cords that came with their BCD-3 CD spinner, BDA-3 DAC, BP17 cubed preamp, 4B cubed amplifier. 
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batmanfan,As you're keeping the 28B monos, I'd suggest you consider the BP17 cubed preamp.  IMO, it's a neutral preamp,  and neither adds to  nor subtracts from what is on a CD.  It does require some additional break-in beyond the 100 hours  of te... 
The Best Compliment You've Gotten On Your Rig?
A family member remarked: "Thank Goodness it's paid for!" 
Stax amplifier vs Stax adaptor
I still have  my Lambda Pro headphones and SRM-1 Mk 2.Use them when my neighbors complain about my 2 channel stereo. Classical CDs only via Bryston spinner and preamp. 
Anybody have an actively multi-amplified system?
Bryston has a full line of active speakers, crossovers and amplifiers.  
How thick should the front baffle of speakers be?
Back in the mono days (well before Thiele-Small ) I built a woofer using two 15" JBL drivers mounted on a sand-filled plywood "sandwich." Getting the back panel of the "sandwich" not to leak the sand turned out to be a problem.Sound? Yikes! 
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jazzman7By and large, I  agree; however, for classical music nuts, there are only two full-catalog choices for streaming, viz., Idagio and Primephonic. Only Idagio has a desktop app, so that would limit me to Idagio.Guess I'm antedeluvian, as I do... 
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jafant,Still alive and kicking, and enjoying my system more each day. IMO, the 4B cubed is an excellent choice for the 2.7s.My "listening room" is 16 x 24 x 12, with a large opening on one long side to another room. However, I don't play my music ...