Thiel cs 3.6

I am looking to buy a pair of 3.6's and have run across a pair that to me seem pretty rough. The price is $650 the problems are: both tweeters are dented, one mid has nicks in the face, one woofer cone is dented, one binding post needs small repair or replace, cabinets are good with scuffs that can be cleaned up, the thiel logo on the fronts are both ruined. Will the dents in the cones cause problems? I believe I can clean up and repair cosmetic issues to make them look nice ( they are in the black finish ) Would this be a good deal-good price, or would you just avoid?
Also, would my Halo A21 drive these well?
Thanks, Tracy
Your amp can definitely drive them, but I would avoid a speaker with dented drivers. Now if you can audition them and they sound fine to you, $650 is pretty good for a speaker of this quality. Can you own them without worrying that the dents in the drivers are affecting the dispersion and accuracy of sound?
I wouldnt take the chance. If you end up getting new drivers and/or have to ship them to Thiel, your savings (and time) are lost. These are really great speakers. they can be found in excellent condition at really good prices. Thiel made tons of this model and it seems to be one of those speakers that (reguardless of company who made them) people hate to upgrade from. If it was me I would wait and save a little longer and get a nicer pr. Good luck either way you go!
I wouldn't do it. ...or send them back to Theil for a real close inspection and repair any faults.
I also would pass on theses as any repairs would quickly eat up the savings. I just sold a pair that were in excellent condition for 1500. Would your Halo drive them well? Well is a relative term and depends on what you listen to, how loud and the room they are in. Relative to what this speaker is capable of NO it would not.

I agree there are other SS amps (and for this speaker they almost have to be SS)that might work even better with this speaker (it deserves a lot of high-quality power), but in the context of a someone who is paying $650 for speakers, it is unlikely those amps would be under consideration. The Halo should have enough power and current to handle the 3.6s "well enough". I would follow the advice of a previous poster; send the Thiels to to the factory for inspection; or hold off till you find a unit in better condition.
I am a bargain hunter and Thiel CS 1.5 owner (13 years)while cabinet scuffs are commonplace, the extensive damage to the speakers would lead me to question how well they were taken care of overall and what other problems may be lurking beneath the surface. As a musician, I treat my Thiels with as much care as my musical instrument. If you have to have them right now, get out the credit card and pay triple the price for a nice pair. I did just this in college and after 13 years, it's finally time to upgrade to a set of CS 3.6's. Point being, $800 - $1000 over many years is money well spent.

With regards to the amplifier, for us real-world folks with kids, dogs and dozens of other distractions, it really boils down to how loud you like your music. My rule of thumb is if you are often hitting the 2:00 position on the dial, it's time for more power. Then again, you can always purchase the speakers and upgrade electronics as you go. Happy shopping!
I would pass on these or at least talk to Thiel to see what it would cost to have them restored. Include cost of shipment as well.