Thiel 2.3's with smart sub

I have the Thiel 2.3's and am utilizing Classe CAM 200 mono blocks. Looking into upgrading speakers. Any one tried the 2.3's with passive crossover over and the any of the Thiel smart sub's? Into stereo only.
FWIW, recent Stereophile really liked the 2.4 with the smallest of the Smartsub and the passive x-over.
Anything Jim Thiel does with speakers is going to be first class. Regretably, I can't (currently) afford his new sub technology. In this price range I'd also consider a Martin Logan Descent.
I took a chance on the Infinity CSW-10 subwoofer
because the Thiels were prohibitively expensive for me and the Infinity seemed like a good match. The related equipment is a modified Jolida 100 cd player, a Tube Audio Design TA-150 preamp, and an Adcom 5800 power amp. The experiment worked. Although the optimization of the woofer using the Infinity RABOS equalization procedure is cumbersome, the results are worth the effort. I was able to tame a huge room resonance at 52-56 Hz and correct a dip from 70-80Hz. After optimizing the sub with my system - in my room - I was able to achieve a frequency response of +/-2dB from 26-100Hz. This is extraordinary in real world (read: home) conditions. The Infinity sub blends very well with the Thiel 2.3 speakers. The sub adds depth and definition to the lowest notes and is not intrusive. So before breaking the bank, you might want to give the Infinity sub a shot. There's a real good tech paper at the HK website.