can thiel cs 2.4 rock

are thiel cs 2.4 good speakers for hard rock & haevy metal .also I know thiels can't be biamped are they worth
it , only using one amp becouse they say it's always better to biamp .
thanks for all your help !!!
Thiels need lots of clean power. I dont think Thiels are a hard rock speaker. More acoustic, jazz & classical.
The bi-amp/single amp debate is an ongoing argument. I think it all depends on what your goals are when bi-amping vs running a larger single amp.
First of all, Thiel 2.4's are great speakers, but they do demand a couple of things:

1. Lots and lots of good clean power like Apachef1 says.
2. A big enough room for the drivers to integrate well at your ears, at least 8-10 feet away from your listening position.

Second, what kind of hard rock are you listening to? Is it mostly compressed and/or have instruments recorded out of phase? I brought three co-workers over last week and one of them wanted to hear Smashing Pumpkins. He wanted to hear "Cherub Rock", so I played it. After he heard it, he said that he couldn't tell any difference between my system and his Ipod. He was right.

Now that had nothing to do with the system or the speakers, it was the recording. If you listen to music that is compressed and/or recorded with out of phase guitars, then I wouldn't spend the money on the Thiels or anything in that league. You won't be able to hear what the speakers are capable of.

The better the speaker, the better the ability to reproduce the recording, but that's its limit: the recording.
I owned a new pair a few years ago & ran them w/all the right stuff (at least I thought): Pass X250, X preamp, Cary 306 cdp, Cardas Golden everywhere & couldn't listen to half of my cd collection. If the recordings were less than stellar, the reproduction of the music was way too harsh & fatiguing. they were incredible imagers & really good on great recordings but overall not my cup of tea.
Thiels can rock like crazy! My 3.6's have rocked for 10 years. If you have done any research you know they have to be fed properly! My recommendation is good clean SS amplification, tube preamp, and a high quality front end that is not in the "ultra detail" camp either vinyl or digital.

They are mercilessly revealing which can be very rewarding but any uncomfortable coloration upstream will be presented. If your willing to build your system around speakers from top to bottom then you have a much better chance of long term enjoyment from Thiels.

A bad recording is just that, bad. Unfortunately, if you listen to compressed radio music like Cold Play, cannot make those bands sound good on any playback. If your into classic rock, like me, the 60's, 70's, and some 80's pressings are unbeatable and that is why I want Thiel's in my room because they deliver the goods.

I've found the same thing with my current system. It's frustrating: do I want to hear how well the well recorded music sounds enough to give up the CDs that either weren't recorded well, or more in my case, the CDs that maybe were recorded well but with the recording equipment of the period (70's)?

Chuck, I'll tell you what amazed me is how well albums from the 70's sound on vinyl and how thin and metallic some of them sound on CD, almost second rate in many cases! It reminds me of the transfer we did in my younger days from vinyl to cassette - just an obvious second generation.

What prompted me to get back into vinyl was the number of mint LP's I had because we listened to cassettes.