Theil CS 2.3 v Paradigm Studio 100v2

I currently own Theil CS 2.3s driven by a Denon PMA 2000IVR and was thinking of trying a pair of Paradigm Studio 100v2 that are near by just to see.  Is this a waste of time?  Am I going sideways/backwards/???  I listen to blues, classic rock and some swing.  Still really respect the Infinity RSIIIBs I have.

how do you compare the Thiel against the Infinity speakers?
Waste of time ? Only you can be the judge . You may go listen to those Paradigms and learn more than you think . You will get to hear a different system than your own which never hurts. You may get valuable knowledge on more than the two speakers you are asking about . There is no substitute to hearing v.s. reading about sound .
do yourself a favor and try a tube preamp with that denon integrated.

put a better amp (separates or integrated) on your CS 2.3 speakers.
Remember, Thiel loudspeakers "crave" high current.

The Paradigms sold before i could get to them.  A few things here.  I worked in the audio biz back in the day and also was a product trainer. I understand the idea of getting items together to compare.  Listening at some one else's house is almost useless so buy the items and bring  them home and compare side by side is best.  I have always done that but that is no longer in the cards $$ wise. Probably never really was.  Would have to bring them in do a quick comparo and the loser leaves very quickly to recover funds to pay the med bills.  Creates stress and large speakers are a hard sell in this area. That is why I asked for opinions.

A am pretty sure the Denon has more then enough current at over 100 amps available. It double its output into 4 ohms which is not common.  I have had B$K, Adcom, NAD, Rotel  separate amps of 200w/ch   that do not sound as big as this does. My NAD classic NAD 7020 with drives them with no trouble and in some ways they sound better through that.

This is about a house sound of a speaker and does one like it. I have had Vanderteen, Von Schweikerts, ADS, Polk, Infinity and kappa, PSB and so on. The Thiel is very different. Changing the amp is not going to make or break them.

As for the Infinity  RSIIIB  . Pretty interesting.

Thiel CS 2.3 -   $3600 19999 Very clear crisp sound with tight images that are almost scary. Tight bass with a solid boom end.  Somewhat analytical with a big WOW factor because of the imaging. Laser like detail. No cabinet effects at all. Stage seems a little short.

Infinity RSIIIB  $1600 1985  A slightly warmer sound.  Images not as sharp. Bass is more rounded not as tight or controlled but not bad either. They are sealed boxes. The detail is there but does not hit you over the head.  Stage is much taller and may be wider More of a hint of it coming from a box but not bad. Seems more enveloping 

 I think from an objective audiophile with nose in the air and chin in the hand view the Thiels would get the nod but  being more subjective the Infinitys are doing something the Thiels are not.  Not sure what. More natural/musical??  They are both really good in their own way .

Thanks! for the update- geph0007-

The Thiel is an excellent Rock music speaker, IMO.

OTOH, if you are into a more vintage system/sound, then the Infinity fits that bill as well.  Keep me posted & Happy Listening!