The REL Strata III?

I was wondering if the REL Stata III is realy as good as the magazines say. Do some of you experienced the Strata III? And what is your opinion? IS it good with movies(Dolby Digital 5.1)?? Is it able to shake the room?
I thought it was a great subwoofer. Lots of bass if it was called for - unlike the M&K/Velodynes that just splat at everything. Spendy, though, roughly $1500. I thought the Paradigm PW2200 was almost as good at only $800. However, the Rel was more flexible in hooking up. Both of the low level and the high level input each has their own level adjustment - great for music and movie aplpications so that you wouldn't have to keep adjusting.
Very very good for music applications. Cannot comment on shaking the room or other such things Theatre-heads get up to. However the next model down is pretty good too - the Q100E or somesuch(?). Very good for music and easy to match. Also has a switch which changes it from acting as a subwoofer to acting as a woofer. In the first position you get deep bass extension. In the second you get enormous amounts of tight punchy bass, but without the extension (designed to make those garage doors and explosions shake the room I think).
I have the REL Strata II and love it. The Strata II Is almost identical to the III. The III has just a bit tighter bass. Try and look at the Strata II review and apply that to the III ( it is very comprehensive and 100% true) The Q100E is a bit mushy when compared to the Stratas'