Kef 104.2 and REl Strata III - For more bass. WOW

Hi guys,

If you've got a pair of Kef 104.2 and feel that the bass is still not up to your expectations, then try this combination.

I paired up my REL Strata III with my Kef 104.2. WOW!!!!! What a combiantion!!! The depth and sound stage of this combination is unbelivable. Up to a totally higher level. Sweet and musical. And to think the REL is just out of the box.

Everytime I turn off the sub and listen to my Kef's i really notice the difference. I've tried other subs before but they tend to muddy the Kef's. The REL Strata III, because of its crossover and gain adjustments, connects with the Kef's to the point that it is seemless.

I can't wait to get home and listen to my new set up.
I'm using a REL Q150E with my KEF 104/2...found very difficult to integrate..Guess it's normal because Q series is for home cinema..
What roll off frequency are you using ?

Hello Oliver,

I've got mine set up at c2 which is at 49 htz. Our Kef's is set for 55 htz. I am still tweaking between C5-C2 but for the moment it seems like C2 gives me the best combination

I find adjusting the gain control of the sub is critical. I initially had the gain control turned up pretty high so I can "hear/feel" the bass but eventually, depending on the music, it did not sound right. (Too much bass made the system sound muiddy) So i brought the gain down quite a bit. Matching the gain level of the REL with that of the speakers made for a better sounding set up.

I am assuming your gain is turned up quite high to get the slam from the Home Theater movies. You may want to bring it down when you listen to stereo only. Unless your REL has dual inuts? One for stereo and the other for Home Theater? If so you can set it up so the gain in the home theater is higher than that of the Stereo input.

Regarding placement, my REL is not placed in the corner of the room. It is in the middle of my two speakers. Why is it there you might ask. Because I have a narrow litening room and if I put the sub in the corner my speakers will end up being closer together giveing me a not so ideal sound stage. So I figured that I will put the REL where it would best suit my set up and tweak the unit for optimal performance. Afterall, the REL was created to be tweaked .

I hope this helps. Good luck on your tweaking :)