The quiet grid

"The Grid", as we audiophiles refer to it is the power in our neighborhood. You may or may not have what we call "clean" electricity. We have add on boxes that clean up your electricity if there is a problem.

Those very expensive two box units with separate power supplies solve the problem of clean electricity at a price.

I am a keen observer of "The grid"; I notice when there is a remarkable improvement in my audio for no apparent reason. The last time I noticed this, I listened to music all night long. It was on a Christmas Eve, and there was a foot of snow outside; that's when I determined this remarkable improvement was the result of a quiet "grid"; that's when there is almost no commercial or industrial activity on the "electrical grid" near you, and residential use is quiet as well.

Normally this only occurs for a short time, but it's been like that for days; this has never happened before. Our present COVID 19 lockdown condition has given us a super quiet grid. That means our modest rigs are equivalent to much more expensive rigs that have expensive power supplies.

I am going to take advantage of this by doing a lot of recording. (when my reel to reel gets out of the shop) It's extremely unfortunate that we have this super quiet grid as a result of COVID 19, but there it is.
The CCP virus has also cleaned up the air, reduced traffic noise, improved commute times, and given us all a lot more time to tweak and enjoy our systems. None of which is why they made it though.

It has put a whole lot more people on unemployment, making them more reliant on government than ever. Its threatened the whole world with a collapse of our debt based banking system, and created a situation where creating trillions out of nothing to be dropped from helicopters seems like a gift but ultimately robs purchasing power revealing fiat for the Ponzi fantasy that it is.

But let's not think about all that. It does sound a bit better. It was all just a bad dream. There there now. Go back to sleep.
Nobody said they are not thinking about it at all.

However this is Audiogon.

You would be better served taking your thinking/rants to the correct arena for it.
Try Facebook.

Or stick to swapping pm with your devoted followers.

Must feel good to have the most number of threads deleted though......
millercarbon , I'll  give a Gold Star  on the Ponzi bit , Congrats, you are spot on there .
Quite frankly I look at the government money coming back to me as part of what I already paid in. Like getting back my own money. There is always more than one way to look at things. But on the OP's topic, a simple balanced power unit cleans up the source power into your home and mine was very inexpensive.

I first noticed that the music "seemed" to sound better a few days ago, but since then there is no mistake; all I want to do is listen to music without interruption; it reminds me of the very first time I discovered sex, the 8th wonder of the world.

I must realize we are not all experiencing the same thing, so I can only relate to you what a difference this makes where I am. Even in the bedroom rig there is a big difference. I checked the volume knob after discovering the music was just a tad loud, and it was where I left it; the volume has increased or it sounds louder because it's so clear.

Listening to music is all I want to do; consequently, this lock-down is most irrelevant.

While I'm an old man, some of this music reminds of things I use to do and who I did them with. That was a very long time ago but these "holographic sounds" are doing a lot for my ability to recall a long time ago. I just listen to my play-list without touching anything, and this is what came up.

I heard that in the proper setting a very long time ago, but this evening it seemed like yesterday.