Quiet Tube Preamp Recommendations sub $1000

Desire Liquid, 3D Holographic, non-fatiguing/music draws you in sound, w/lots of PRAT. Not a total basshead.

Mainly listen to rock (alternative, classic, some metal...Police, Dire Straits, old U2, Chili Peppers, Beck, Cat Power etc)

Paired w/either a McCormack .05 Rev A or Monarchy SM70pro (both 100K input impedance)

Speakers Energy RC-10 (88db).. or Coincident Triumph (90db.. I think)...haven't given much thought to speakers yet.

Currently using a Monarchy M24 w/stock tubes (3.5K output impedance, 16db gain).

Sounds pretty good, just curious if I can lower the noise-floor.

Would a preamp/amp with a lower output/imput impedance be "quieter". I understand that all tube preamps hiss to a certain extent, but is it possible to "virtually" eliminate it?

Should I try new tubes? Suggestions?

Input appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Try to retube the pre with tubes selected for having very low noise. Several dealers grade their tubes by how quiet they are and charge accordingly. The manufacturer may provide advice regarding the position of the most critical tubes. If you like it otherwise it is a very cost effective upgrade.
10-25-08: Mechans
Try to retube the pre with tubes selected for having very low noise.
I agree.
Hiss should not be an issue. New tubes should do it, if not take the pre in. If I can hear hiss from more than 2 feet from my speakers, I do something about it. High efficiency speakers such as coincidents will only exagerate the hiss.