The ''hole'' problem

On many Lp's from the 80's I have notices that the hole in the center of the LP is very ragged and frequently undersized. I have just had a wretched time getting one of these off my turntable.

Any tricks to clean these up. I am assuming that concentricity is important, or I would just use a reamer, but a reamer is probably the best answer. A nice tool that would fit on the record vaccuum would sure be convenient.
I don't know the English word for it, but there is a tool you'll get in a metal shop which helps to smoothen edges in a drill hole in metal. It works perfectly - handled with caution! - on vinyl, too.I've tried it!
Good luck from Germany!
It's called a de-burring tool.
I believe you are looking for a reamer. It looks like a conical drill bit with handle T-boned on the end. Unlike a drill bit, a reamer has it's cutting edges on the sides. Go slow as you may remove too much material. Good luck.
Love vinyl! The accuracy of it all! Excentric holes, undersize holes, oversize holes, off center labels with part of it covering the hole. That's just the problems with the hole. It is, in fact, remarkable, that some vinyl sounds as good as it does. Now that's a hobby when you have to ream something to get it to work. Model railroading provides for many reaming opportunities. A great hobby also.
On the subject of the need for a good reaming,......oh, never mind. ;-)
4yanx: don't even go near that one...
I forgot to add that because a reamer is tapered you will want to aproach from both sides. Again, take it slow.