Testing...Paradigm Reference

Hello everyone. I am 23 years old and new to the world of high-end audio. I have been looking for a set of speakers for HT and ST use. I love the Paradigm 100's and the Servo-15 sub. Does anybody have any suggestions on similar models in the same price range?
Hello. I have owned both of the items you are interested in. They are outstanding (esp. Servo-15), but I might suggest you also take a look at another Paradigm, the Eclipse B/P. They are no longer in production (unfortunately), but when set up properly they killed my Studio 100's. I sold the Studios in favor of the Eclipse and never did have a regret. You should be able to find them used for around $800-$1000. That is a complete STEAL for those gems.....goodluck!!
Congatulations - You lucked out and found a great speaker at an even greater price. You would have to spend 2-4X's to move "up", not to necessarily better, but just "more." Did you compare the sevro-15 with the pw2200? I thought the 2200 was great, and not sure if the servo was justified at almost twice the money. Either way you go, you can't go wrong.
I think the speakers are awesome.....I have not found anything else in this price range (or even considerably more that does a good job).......I own both the studio 100's and the servo 15 as well as other speakers which are considerably more expensive. For my money, you need to spend QUITE A BIT MORE to get a noticeably better sound than these speakers will give you. I might mention, however, that with the Servo 15 you could probably buy smaller front speakers (Studio 60's) and not miss a thing in quality. I also own studio 60's ......I speak from experience.....I am using them as my rear channels, but I wish I had bought them for fronts instead of the 100's and I could have saved a few bucks. Anyway, it seems to me you are headed down a good path and won't regret your purchase.
What about the PSB Stratus Gold i's. I've heard a lot of good things about them -- especially in comparison to the Paradigms. Unfortunatly, not a PSB dealer anywhere near me. Regardless, I have a pair of Paradigm 100's (v2), and love them.