Plinius 8200 MkII and Paradigm Studio 100 v2?

I am questioning this set up and am wondering of anyone is using it. I would like to know if the 8200 mkii even with its 175 amps is enough for the power hungry paradigm 100 v2. I have heard that these are realy power hungry speakers and they may actually thrive with more power.

any opinions.
Plinius with ANYTHING is a good match. The 8200 has a very good power supply and should be able to drive Studio 100's very well.
Have not heard the Plinius, but I use a 200 watt/ch amp and feel that I have power to spare. The 100s do need some juice, but would bet 175 watts of Plinius would be enough.
I was driving my Studio 100 with 110 watts at 8 ohms then I have now 200 watts at 8 ohms driving them..there is not a difference..people always say the Studio 100 is a very power hungry speaker..I did not live that kind of experience..175 watts at 8 ohms would be enough IMHO..
If you realy ever will feel you're in need of more power you can get matching 8200p and biamp(don't know if studio 100 is bi-wirable). Even if you have enough(I'm sure that 175W/ch is enough) than simply you'd benefit from doubled power class A operation from both of the amps(upto 50W/side) which can substantially increase midrange, upper-end clarity and I guess bass deepness as well. Moreover, they will run much cooler together.