subwoofer with paradigm reference 100 v2

Hi there,
I just bought a pair brand new paradigm 100v2 and I use bryston 7b sst(bi-wired)to drive them.I am happy with sound and I do not have any problem with bass or power,but I was wondering if someone useing this speakers with sub in a stereo system and how is sound or it could be wrong at all.
Thanks for any respond.
I'm not sure what you would (could add)bass wise to the big Paradigm's, they are already big daug's on the bottom end and I guess you could say every place else in the musical spectrum also. If you want more, I would go with two subs as only one sub will sound like crap with them. You do not say what it is about your system that you do not like. You might like the sound of a tubed pre with those Paradigm's and that SS Bryston
I have 100.2 but have not tried them with a sub. I love them the way they are so probably won't although I looked into Paradigm subs for my second system and they seem to have a lot to offer for the price (just like all their other products). Check them out and see for yourself. I have heard several say on this forum that 2 subs are better than one as Sogood said above but that can get expensive for simple experimentation.
I have a pair of the Studio 100v2 Paradigms that I use for HT. They have very good bass extension but lack that kick in the chest for explosions, etc. I use a VMPS Larger Subwoofer powered by a Crown K2. IMO, and despite what has been said above, if you use a powerful sub like this one, you have no need for two unless your room is enormous. I do agree that dual subs are significantly better than a single for serious music listening.

I had a pair of Studio 100v2 with a Paradigm Servo 15 sub... I would only run the sub when listenning to movies... For 2 channel music, the 100s are very good as is... I would not add a sub if your goal is 2 channel music... Remember, subs are not easy to integrate properly in a system...

On the other hand, for HT, a sub is a "nice to have".

I also have Studio 100 and I thought of using a subwoofer with them just for music like you did but at the end I gave up because my room was not big enough and as everyone says Studio 100 is really good at bass.Saying this if I had to use or think of using one sub in the future I would use the Servo-15 or VMPS large sub..As Bishopwill says the VMPS sub(the biggest one,15") will be enough..
Thanks from all of you for your responses.As I said,I like the sound in my system and as sogood said, the tube pre amp is realy good with bryston ss amps.I have sonic frontiers line2 pre and accuphase dp55v in my system.The reason that I asked this quation is,when I bought the speakers from my local dealer they told me that some people prefer to use sub with this speakers and that make me to think about a sub but sound is already great.Anyway I think I will find out more in montreal hifi show in Canada which will be on March 28,29,30 and I just cannot wait.
If someone is interested in show go to ( more information.
Thanks all.