Test tracks for new equipment

Anyone have any suggestions?
Here's a few I've used recently...

Weary Blues, Madeleine Peyroux
Strange Fruit, Cassandra Wilson
Sinkin' Soon, Norah Jones
Green Grass, Tom Waits
Graveyard Blues, John Lee Hooker
Opus 33 number 4, B minor, Chopin, performed by Fei-ping Hsu
Prelude from Suite no. 2 in d, Bach, performed by Martin Zeller

This list reflects my priorities as an audiophile: Small ensembles, voices, accuracy of timbre for cello, piano, and guitar in particular.

IMO, the tracks on my list are excellent recordings with good dynamic range. But one thing missing from my list is scale. None of the tracks are orchestral, because I don't listen to much orchestral music. I'm sure others will have some large scale music to recommend for test tracks.

Good luck.

Chesky's Ultimate Demonstration Disc...

I have been using Shawn Colvin Four Walls


Here's one that I may be the only person on earth to use.

RJ Helton - Real Life

I really only like songs 1, 3 & 9, but song 3 will tell me just about anything I need to know about a system. It has a pefect guitar and "low rider" bass. It really forces a system to handle everything from the detail of strings, vocals and earth shaking bass. It's also a 10 out of 10 fantastic recording.

The first time I heard it on a pair of Focal 816v speakers I was wondering how it would sound without the full bass that my previous speakers had, but I was actually so impressed with the details in the higher range I almost forgot about the missing bass. I do use my subwoofer for this CD.

RJ Helton was on the first season of American Idol and finished 5th. Not your typical audiophile CD to be sure.
On second thought, song 1 can't be overlooked as a demo either. It also has great bass and even more high end details. It almost sounds like it's a surround recording on my system. One of my favorites to show off my system.

Just get it.
Songs that you love and know like the back of your hand.
What fellow member Bander said.

Sometimes I check out the song lists that are listed in reviews and think about using those songs as test tracks.
Linda Ronstadt-Living in the USA. The vinyl has a tight-clean and focused sound similar to a reel to reel tape. The perspective is forward and slightly aggressive which makes this recording a good demo for cables.
Back in the USA-Test for PRAT
Alison-Test for sibilants
Ooh Baby Baby-Will expose any grit or grain in the treble, especially the last note.