Tenor OTL vs Hybrid

I believe there will be plenty of room for both. I own the OTL's and will get a chance to hear the Hybrids in the next week. Until I hear them in my room I won't believe one amp is superior in everyway to the other. Also, when people do the comparison, how old are the tubes in the OTL's? I'm working on my second set of tubes in a year(they run 8 to 12 hrs a day). Because I use the amps in my
business the Hybrids might make more sense. That being said, everyone who has heard the Tenor OTL's in my system has loved them. Lets get some feedback from both sides.
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Hello Saxman2, I might be the only person on "A"gon to respond this way. Please remember this is only (my) honest opinion. Others may hear it different but this is what I heard that day, that afternoon. The hybrid will play much louder without any hint of strain and the bass is better defined, digs deeper with subtance behind it. They are voiced darker in texture, (richer) the the OTL's. The OTL's to me were more real and lifelike. They were more resolute. They breathed more reality into the images they portrayed. I heard more air to the space around images. For me they simply had more of that "magic", that transparency we all crave. I think you are lucky that the OTL's can drive the speakers you love. It will be interesting to hear your take when you get to compare them. Good luck, Tom
Hi Randy, thanks for the chat yesterday. Like I stated, please bring your Tenors over and you can compare them with my 300's. The Kharma's may sound different plus my room is smaller than yours but you may get an idea of the difference. Who knows it may sound like what Tom stated above but I am happy with what I am hearing.

Hi guys,

I too am very interested responses to this thread, and in conclusions drawn from the afore-mentioned listening session .... especailly if the OTLs were in fact packed up and included for comparson in that session. I know the hybrids would make sense for someone driving a 4 ohm load in a larger room for extended periods (lucky dude you are Saxman2....I need to get into that business!), but what about the sound when considered independently of the expense of retubing, and when evaluated in a room of more modest proportions? I am interested because like Saxman2, I have Verity Audio Parsifal/Encores, and am looking seriously at both these amps, as well as those from Lamm.

Thanks in advance for any input.
If you are still interested in hearing my thoughts please let me know. I'm sure Saxman2 (Randy) would let you know what he thought too.
Hello Panorama

Thanks for your response. I did in fact speak with Randy (aka Saxman2.... I could not get him to take me on as "Saxman3 The Apprentice"), who gave me quite a detailed account of his impressions. If you think your opinion may differ from that of Randy's, then I would be interested to have your take as well.

Thanks again to both you and Randy.