Pre Amp For Tenor 75 OTL monoblocks

Very recently I bought Kharma 3.2's with Ceramique subwoofer. My dealer supplied Tenors for me to listen to Kharmas. Tenors were my first OTL amps that I auditioned in my life. It turned out Temors are now chained to my listening room and are not going anywhere for looooooong time, despite they were the only amps I heard with Kharma at my home. I do not feel I need any other. I borrowed ARC Ref 3 from my frient and sound was fantastic.
In case of pre-amp I would like to experiment a bit, so I wonder what other audiophiles can recommend to audition.
Thanks for suggestions.
i owned Tenor OTLs for three years with Kharma Exquisites. in fact, back in 2001 i was the first person that matched Kharma and Tenor. It was and is an ideal match. simple speaker with very minimalist crossover meets simple amp without an output transformer.

during my time with this great match i likely tried 10 or so active preamps in my system. i never found anything that improved on a resistive based passive. i used the Placette RVC. the Placette is so cheap i would highly recommend starting with one and then comparing it to some active preamps.

the purity of the Kharma/Tenor match will challenge any preamp to be as my ears no active preamp availible at that time could do that. to my ears the ARC pre would not be my choice...but it might be perfect for you.

it's possible that my current preamp; the darTZeel NHB-18NS might likely be one active pre that would improve on the passive but it's alot more money.

good luck.
Thanks for responce Mike
At this stage I am very excited re Kharma/Tenors, as this is the major upgrade from my previous system. I do think that it will take some time for me to get the right preamp and power cords for Tenors(just wonder what you used with them?)as by now Ref3 was the only one I managed to try.
I saw you room and your system at it is stunning!