Which speakers do you use with Tenor 75 watt amps

I am helping to build a system for my brother and he made it very clear to me that the only amps he will allow are the Tenor amps.
Since a good friend recommended a combination of Tenor and Piega P10 speakers, we went to audition these speakers, but when we arrived at the store, we found all the store carried, were the Piega 8 ltd. Very nice speakers, crystal clear top end, but for my brother's taste the bass was lacking a certain "authority". He does not want to have a boom-box, but he wants to have more "presence" in the room when a double bass is playing e.g. A little tingling sensation in the stomach so to say. The salesman said that the bass of the P10 would not really have more authority than the P 8 ltd. bass.
Anyway, we are just being curious what speakers Tenor amp owners use. I know that the Tenors like speakers between 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm with a pretty linear impedance curve. So please give us some recommendations.
I am not a Tenor owner but do use SET's, and I believe the types of speakers they are happy with do not differ that much. I have some Lamhorns with rep drivers that are excellent. I believe they made quite an impression at a show when powered by Tenors. I would also look into the top of the line Audio Note silver speaker. Not talked about much but one of the best.
Tekunda, your brother should be asking which speakers would not be a good match for the Tenor amps; they are a lot more flexible than what most people think, especially for an output tranformerless design. I have heard of very good results with Wilson MAXX and Watt/puppy, the Kharma line, Talon Khorus, and at the upcoming Hilton show they will be paired with the (new) 7' Pipedreams. This will be the amp I will invest in once my upgrade from Raven to Khorus-X is accomplished.

To make a long story short, give Jonathan Tinn a call at (503) 221-0464 or (425) 454-2279 - he is a Tenor dealer in the Northwest and has a great deal of experience with them. You may also want to touch bases with Francois Lemay, one of the Tenor principals (info@tenor.com). Best of all, come to my hometown of NYC and meet both gentlemen!

Good luck. If you have plans to come, let me know.

I heard these amps with Verity Parsifel Encores..excellent combo imho.
I think what you are looking for requires a great deal of displacement in the cabinet. While the P10's go down to 19hz, they do not move air like a speaker that has much more cabinet volume.

In the comparable price range of the Piega P10, I would highly recommend the Talon Khorus X. It is a stable 8 ohm load at about 90.5 db that moves quite a bit more air than the P10. Make sure if you listen to the Khorus X that it is not an upgraded Khorus and it has at least 1000 hours on the speaker.

The Verity is a gorgeous sound, but like the P10, will not move the air like your brother wants. For most people, either of these combinations with the Tenor's are world class. Your brother must really like hard driving music.
I've heard both at jtinn's place.

My personal favorite is the Khorus X. Wonderful low end with the tenor's - that's what sells me on them. To me they are a world class combination of presence, speed, detail, life AND low end power. Hard to get that last part. Cost no object, I think this is the system I would own.

The piega's are also quite excellent. They have a wonderful top end, oustanding upper mid to high coherency, and have good low end for their size. The high range is their most outstanding atribute - very detailed without being harsh or disconnected from the music.