Tenor Amps with Quad ESLs

Has anyone used Tenor OTL amps with any Quad ESL speakers? I have had the pleasure of owning previous OTL designs by both Futterman/NYAL and Counterpoint in systems with Quad 63s and USA Monitors, and consider it to be one of the great synergies in audio. I currently own Tenor 75 Wi amps and would like to try them with Quad 988s or 2805s, but am interested in whether anyone else has tried this combination.

The good folks at Tenor are reluctant to endorse the match, as the protection circuitry in the Quads could potentially short the output of the amps, which are not protected from such an occurrence, and would likely, as a result, sustain damage. I am told that, in this sense, the Tenors are quite different from other modern OTL designs, such as the Atmaspheres, which are protected. I do own Zero Autoformers, which might help mitigate the potential problem.

I am most anxious to have any information or hear any accounts of attempts, successful or not, to use these products together, as well as informed opinion as to why it should or should not be attempted. Many thanks.