Tel Wire: underrated, underpriced.

Ok, ok, ok, Chris has bugged me enough. I LOVE HIS CABLES!!

It has been 2 years since I got my first Tel Wire Cord and since I have slowly done my whole system with it. Piece by piece it has displaced the other wire that I had in my system which was made up of Nordost Valhalla, Audioquest Sky, Elrod, TG Audio, and Synergistic Research. In every case the Tel was better and less $$$ (except for the TG stuff, I think they are close in price thought I still preferred the Tel)

I don't know how or what he does but what he makes is as close to neutral as I have ever heard. It allows what ever they are used with to shine.

It seems like MikeL is using them with his DarTZeel monos (hasn't verified it yet but they sure look like Tel Wire cords). It just goes to show you that they can be paired with, the best of the best and get the most out of it.

I had a little mental problem with consistently comparing them to more expensive cords but time and time again they where the ones that I preferred.

Anyhow try um, in my experience they have been overwhelming good.
2 threads started, 2 gushing Tel Wire threads.

Umm, I see a trend here. Stop already before you (further) embarrass yourself.
yeah, yeah I know, I usually just lurk, and as I stated in this one I was prodded a bit. Enough said back to lurking...
It is mandatory to praise stuff that one finds to be great. Especially if the product is new, cheap, or generally unknown.
I praised Pangea power cords because they were new, and cheap, and good. And as long as they are on introductory sale, a steal! and they should make other power cord makers worry about market share.
If the praise (or cut!) is just a marketing ploy then it changes the issue. But I say go for it if you love it.
I'll put in my 2 cents. I really like this powercord. Neutral and pure is my description. Worth a try. I did and have no regrets.
The only detachable power cords I use. Replaced some very expensive and well regarded ones in my system.

Oh, and they are really, really, flexible. None of that stiff nearly un-bendable, and ready to rip your component off the rack stuff here.
Chris also just upgraded my speaker cables with no charge. I have told him a bunch of times I would post something but I felt like this time I should really follow through.

And Snofun3 after more thought I guess I should post more, lurk less to avoid that issue :-)
Snofun3: Sounds like a plug but then I have plugged Pure Note for years. So this guy may be a fanatic. :)

It seems that the same claims are made for most cables like "neutral." Just so many perfect cables on the market... Oh and I thought the recession would have put most of the snake oil merchants out of business.
I don't doubt that Tel Wire makes a good product, but I went on their website, and they are by no means cheap. For the price they are asking, they should be good.
everything I ended up comparing them to was more expensive.