Tel Wire Cord experiences?

Anyone using the Tel Wire Cord? I am looking to get one but I have not seen too much feedback on it. I love my Oyaide R1 outlets and thinking these might work very with them.
I wrote a review on this power cord in the Product review section. For its price $599 it is a very good value.
Well he has got them right now for $399 so I guess I better get on the stick.
I have had a Telwire power cord for a month or so now and it sounds wonderful on my refurbished Pilot EL84, 17 watt tube integrated amp. It bested a couple of other well-known brand cords. The cord, on initial listen, sounds better than most cords when new. However, after about 150 hours, the highs and lows become fully extended and the midranges really start to fully flesh out. This is a very muscial cord when matched to the right component. This cord is as close to neutral as any cord that I've ever listened to, with very little of a "house" sound. It is very well built and because of its unique construction, it is very flexible and easy to fit on most components without having to wrestle it behind the cabinet. The connectors are the excellent Oyaide P004 and C004, in my opinion, the best Oyaide models with the least sonic signature. The current introductory price of $399.00 for the Telwire cord is a good bargain and the maker offers a 30-day return policy.
I have ordered a cord, I will report back with my impression, thanks for the responses
put that dude on your computer to burn for a week and hit us up with your impressions
The pc is well built but it is rather unassuming looking. If you are looking for a huge, impressive looking, “Oh my God there is a snake biting you amp! No, that’s just a powercord” pc this is not it. The cord is very flexible and user friendly though.

I plugged it in on my Plinius to burn in as recommend by Mr. Kline. I agree with the other people’s finding that pc sounds better new then any other that I have used but the bass was a little vague. After about 250hrs the pc really shined, bass was now tight and extended with great definition. The pc is very smooth and extended in the treble with a great amount of micro detail but lacking any stridency whatsoever. The midrange is fleshed out very nicely and the soundstage gained depth and width and a remarkable increase in dimensionality. I also found it to be perhaps the most neutral pc that I have used which have included Synergistic, Shunyata, VD, VH audio. Unlike others experience it seemed perfectly adequate on my amp and was equally impressive on my pre and cdp. BTW the pc is being used with Oyaide R1’s which I guess is what Mr. Kline used when designing it.

I agree that this cord is a very good deal at the $599 price and at its $399 price it is a steal.
FWIW - I replaced my Stealth M5000 and Dream Digital with these power cords.

They don't look as nice as the Stealth cords but they are very flexible and haven't disappointed me with their sonics.
Yes they do seem to punch well above there weight class but they are somewhat utilitarian looking.
Yes, the TelWire is somewhat utilitarian looking compared to the huge anaconda-sized ones out there. From what I understand, the cord uses only the necessary amount of shielding around the conductors in order to maximize the purity of the AC signal passing through it, and still prevent EMI/RFI from affecting its performance. The maker probably could have fed the conductors through a large tube to give it the fat snake-like appearance of other cords, but for his own reasons chose not to do that. I do know that there are some proprietary things which have been done to the cord that you can't see externally.
I put a new TelWire standard on my EMM CDSA SE
and it is very nice.
It seems to produce just the right bit of warmth that complements the EMM but does not mask anything or cause any loss-of-control in the wonderfully tight/transparent EMM bass.
I had been using a TG SLVR but it produced some ringing upper midrange notes on some older popular CDS. The Telwire maintains the nice definition of instruments and vocals of the SLVR but keeps things from going over-the-top and prevents piercing digital artifacts from hurting my ears. It may have a slight "calming" coloration, but it is very satisfying, even addictive. I would call it reminiscent of a tube sound, meaning transparent and natural with all the nasty, painful digital overtones deftly handled.
I had tried some other powercords but they would muddy-up/loosen the bass unacceptably or make things too clear/tipped-up/clean for my tastes (I hate listening fatigue). So I'm keeping the Telwire and think it is a relative (ok BIG) bargain for this level of refinement.