Technics SL-1200 Mk II; opinions??

I have an opportunity to buy a very nice Technics SL-1200 Mk II turntable with a new Ortofon cartridge for $340.00. I know the table was fairly well regarded 30 years ago, but I'm wondering if that's a decent price now. The Ortofon is new, but I'm not sure exactly which model it is. Seller says Ortofon ran him $160.00. Any thoughts?? Thanks.
but I'm wondering if that's a decent price now

Why not look at other sl-1200 tables and see what they are priced at ?

but I'm not sure exactly which model it is. Seller says Ortofon ran him $160.00

Take a look on this site :

Sometimes we have to do our own homework......
The price sounds attractive but having had both, I'd go with a Rega P3. It's simply more musical.
it's a rock solid table the sound is very good. it's a fair price right in line with completed listings on Ebay. KAB also has numerous upgrades available for that table
The Ortofon cartridge is a Pro S. I think it is more of a "DJ" cartridge; any other thoughts?
Why not search the forums and see what 2 cartridges have been used with the SL-1200 with good results.
Having just brought one a month ago for $342.00. It came with a Stanton 681 EEE cartridge. I would say that the price being asked for yours is in the ballpark. The 'table is a good one(research it on the web). Are there better 'tables out there. Of course! BUT, how deep are your pockets?
It sounds like a great deal. The 1200 is a rock solid performer. Don't let the disco tag fool ya. It entered production in 1972, well before disco came along.
Price is fine. Don't worry too much about anything negative said about the Steel Wheel. I operate three Regas with MC cartridges (I hate changing/aligning them, easier to change the table), but I still have an SL1200mkII in my bedroom system, and it is probably the most consistently reliable table I have ever owned, and I currently operate 12 tables built from 1976 through 2010.
Great table. I would buy it if it is not abused/over used. I think the Applied Fidelity bearing upgrade and KAB fluid dampers are worthwhile upgrades.I have owned lots of Regas, Systemdek, Musichall, Linn LP12, Thorens 160HD Etc and surprisingly I like this the best. I have the 1210 M5G with these upgrades and it sounds wicked!. accurate speed with stability, the best VTA adustment sytem I have seen on a table. Removable head shell allows you to easily swap out cartridges. I am Sold!