Technics SE A7000 amp better than ARC D200 amp

Hi guys, Im thinking of changing my amp in my system and I'm thinking about a Technics SE -A7000. Right now Im running a ARC D200 amp with a ARC LS15 pre, Teac VRDS 25x CDP and Maggie MMG's. I love the sound and dynamics that I get but it seems a little 2D not much depth. I remember the Technics amp from the late 70's to late 80's as being very good. Anyone have any comments or ideas.
Thanks in advance.
The ARC D series was very under rated. Unless you can arrange for an in system demo, I wouldn't even consider it.
I agree with Zd542. It would a lateral move at best and IMHO, a step, (or two) backwards.

You definitely would want to listen to it in your system first.
The ARC D 200 amp sounds great with Cardas Clear Light speaker cables and MMGs.
Dont forget to run the various resistors for best room balance.
It may also be worth to looking at the new Magnepan .7
with you gear try Tweeters on the outside.
Best JohnnyR
Not sure abaut this amp,but se-a3000 amplifier always keeps the musical message front and centre like 3D sound coming from one point in the midle,moving stereo efects from left to the right if there such efects in record at the same time sounds laidback and transperant midrange and higs.Se-a7000 much more powerfull,not sure how it will drive Magie MMG.
Thanks for the responses guys.Zd542 and Mofimadness, I do totally agree with you guys. I love the D200 just wondering if the Technics was better, cant get a demo. Audioconnection,Im using AQ Sky IC's balanced from Teac VDRS25x CDP to pre and from pre to amp also AQ Gibraltar 8 ft speaker cable. Have not played with the resistors but maybe I should try and my tweeters or on the outside. Extravaganza, Thats how I remembers the SE-A100! Thw SE-A7000 was just a newer version of that amp no difference. Im thinking with tubes in front it should be magical.
Again guys thank you for your thoughts! Much respect (bow)