Tannoy Prestige Canterbury GR - Amp Recommendations


I am considering buying these speakers and would like to hear some tube amp suggestions from the current owners of Tannoy speakers.  

Does anyone using the SUPERTWEETERS with their Tannoy’s? If yes, is it worth the improvements? 

My current system consist of ARC GS150 & REF6.  

I spoke to one of the current owner of Canterbury SE’s and he recommended Cary 805SE or 211FE and Mastersound 845 or 300B amps. 

Thank you for your feedback! 
the Tannoy camp may well be a small slice of the speaker ownership pie when its all said and done so far as feedback here is concerned.

I would offer up another perspective on appraising and later, choosing an amp for higher eff speakers.

choose the tube amp whose character suits your preffs. naturally, given it provides the necessary juice to run them.

as much as tubes are the choice for which ever amp lands in your system, I'd first consider the output tubes primarily as their influence on the sound is predominate. various output tubes or power tubes deliver much of any tube amps voice. barring of course OTL amps.

certainly the design topology and build have to be considered, yet power tubes seem to have their own individual sonic camps. EL, KT, 211s, 305s, etc., all present a particular signature if you will, on the presentation.

thereafter, vintage tubes can and do alter things further when they are rolled into the mix at some later date so there's that notion as well.

lastly budget rears its head for many audio nuts. so I'd aim to satisfy the power demands of the speakers initially, then my own sonic preffs as a very close second, keeping in mind mo' money often means mo' betterer.

very good luck..   I'm likely headed into the high EFF speaker camp next time myself so this thread interests me..
Honestly you should be more then fine with your current set of electronics. The Canterbury's are very musical, you need a great source cables, and power conditioning. 

I would get the speakers and then tune the setup after you've gotten the speakers. 

I have two customers with Canterburry's if you have questions on what to use with them please PM us. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
acresverde ~ Thank you for the recommendation. 

blindjim ~ good advice. 

audiotroy ~ I am set with cables and power conditioning. I will reach out to you once i spent some time with my new speakers. 
Art Audio Jota HC has 24 watts per channel, and gives you the wonderful 300B sound with 300BXLS tubes. Plenty of power for those speakers.