Tandberg 3004 cassette

Any opinion on value of a tandberg 3004
Owned now since 1987
Need to test it. Sitting idle for 14 yrs
Even if it is working, it is a parts machine, worth no more then $100. In its day, properly aligned, it could equal a Dragon.
My Nak Dragon sat for around the same amount of time unused. When I decided a few years ago to start using it again I sent it off to Willie Herman, Nak repair guru, to have it checked out. He responded saying it looked and played like new and only needed a basic "tune up" from sitting around.
I am not familiar with your deck, but if it indeed could equal a Dragon properly aligned as mentioned above, I would give Willie a call.
I'm not sure where Buconero gets his information from, as the 3004 is hard to find these days, and rarely appears for sale. However, my understanding is that it is considered to be comparable in quality and desirability to its successor models, the 3014 and 3014A, which are more commonly found. Those models have recently sold at a well known auction site for prices of $516 (for a "parts unit"), $881 ("play transport not working"), $899 ("excellent condition"), $1135 ("needs new belt"), $1275 ("near mint, serviced"), and $2500 ("with remote; serviced; works flawlessly"). These were actual bids, not asking prices.

I have a 3004 also; great deck!

-- Al
That is a highly desirable deck and if working and in good cosmetic condition could catch up to $1000.00 to the right buyer.

If it is scrap, then the price you'll get will depend.

Finally, I'll buy it now for $101.00. That is 10% more than Buconero feels it is worth. That is way mor ethan any stock would have returned since his estimate was given. ;?)
Correction, more like 1%
10% would be $110.00
Ok.....my bad.....I'll pay the 110. I'm glad my wife pays the bills.
LOL- I hope you leave her to tip the waitress.