Tac T owner opinons

I am investigating Tac T and I’d appreciate opinions from users.

How long have you owned your Tact T?
What do you like about it?
What would be too much to expect out of it?

I appreciate your help
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I've some add'l questions:

Do you use it as a 2 ch preamp, or as a DAC, or as simply a digital equalizer? What's the strengths / weaknesses of each config?

Does it do balanced analog outputs, or simply RCAs?

(is it fully balanced, or just XLR output connectors?)

What are the diff versions? I gather the 2.2 differs from the 2.0 on the basis that the .2 has 2 subwoofer outputs, but is that it? And, what revisions have the unit seen since its intro (i.e. what do i need to be careful of if buying used?)

No dealer local, as always, but most curious.

Tact 2.2x with upgraded powersupply owner
use to run it as a preamp/DAC combo- Preamp was subpar without the powersupply upgrade. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT
DAC's are pretty good as I had to go to Theta GenVIII to beat it (pretty obvious) but still equal to 4-5k CD players and a bargain.

Stay away from the 2.0 original unless you want to play, it is way harder to use.
the 2.0s is the newer version and similar to the 2.2x but without the ability to control a sub or biamp directly
the 2.2 is a really really old version and is not even close to the 2.2x.

The Tact has balanced analog output on the DAC boards(optional) on the 2.2x (not sure if it is fully balanced)

I am currently only using it to clean up my Squeezebox and crappy over compressed recording. My main purpose has been to use it to mic my room and adjust my treatments (ended up removing and moving treatments and listening position and speakers.) Life is so much easier when you can see things..



A lot of tact users hang out at www.audiocircle.com.

Later i will work with the room correction as I found it very difficult to understand.. there is no docs from Tact you have to download the huge FAQ's from the Tact Forum which give you a fighting chance.. Granted I didn't spend but a couple of days on it.

I have an orig 2.0 with aaa/ddd options. Yes, the power upgrade is necessary. I use mine for eq and conversion. I have used it as a pre, (it's pretty weak) but my Emotive Audio is much better.

Is that stupid to have a $10K pre on the back of such modest dacs and noise? Let's put it this way. 30 years of hi end dogma taught me to stay away from eq. I had Genesis 501's, Cain and Cain Ben's and Quads in the room both before and during the tenure of this unit. All excellent speakers and all RADICALLY different sounding.

IT'S THE ROOM. You've got to get it out of the way and Tacts or Rives or other digital eq is the only way to do it. I'm "screwing up" expensive and high quality signal sources from a VDH Black Beauty, Ensemble phonobrio, Wadia 830, etc., according to purists. I'm definitely converting excellent analog signals to digital and back (and I'd like to avoid it), but if the signal is pure, and still sounds like hell due to my room, then I'll just have to "distort" it in order to make it sound like music.

I've suffered as a purist for years with room nodes and resonances. Great equipment and expensive upgrades that never really went anywhere near as far as needed.

I play trumpet in a big band, cornet is a community band, have taught horn and played in orchestras. Until 5 years ago, I played bass (I'm 50) with a Fender Jazz and Aguilar tube amplification through Euphonic Audio boxes. I have a pretty good idea of what real music sounds like.

If I have a fire, my TACT (upgraded and hopefully, a later series) is going to be the first thing I grab, after my Wife and kid: they can carry the Emotive and Shunyata Hydra.

By the way, the TACT documentation is straight from hell and you have to work with the equipment in order to make heads or tails out of it. the websites are a saving grace and absolutely necessary. The learning curve is steep. It took me two weeks to build and "save" my first one. However, when you do, you'll never go back, no matter how "pure" and fine your other hardware is, unless you have the luck and money to have an acoustically correct listening room constructed for you.

I've had mine for 2 years now and still learning things about it, but I 've got the basics down.

Just my HO,

Good summary- thanks.

If I'm fair only on the technically skilled side, would the Tac Ts be tough for me?

And does the Parc do the same thing as the Tac T, but is simpler to use?
The Parc can only do one thing that the Tact can do and that's to cut bass peaks (3 of them) it is an analog device that allows you to cut bass peaks where the room can not be fixed or accoustical treatments are not possible (WAF)

The Tact is a digital eq (put between digital source and DAC or preamp if DAC card is used) (it can also be used with analog input board but that is pretty good but not for the person with a 20k turntable rig (aka a Parc then becomes the right answer for those customers with TT's)graphic eq (2.0 = 12 bands, and the 2.0s/2.2x does 16 or 18 bands) that can cut and add(be careful and don't do this) plus what the 2.2x allows you to factor in the time delay between the main speakers and the sub(s) plus it can compensate for sidewall reflections and calculate/remove those wavs and adjust the timing in the digital domain. You can have EQ presets to tame 80's and 90's recording, boost midbass for a little Disco when the need arrise... etc... this is really cool feature that I use with music I love that is unlistenable on my system otherwise because of the poor recording.

The Tact has an automode that is quick and simple but doesn't really work... if you have patience and don't expect a stick the component in change you will get huge benifit's. This is one reason I haven't sold mine is that I know the potential is there if I can just sit down and work with it.

PS: Jeff - well stated... even though I only got it partially working that magic was truely addictive and it will be impossible to live without it later..

The hard core TacT users/tweakers are now here:


A power supply upgrade for the RCS is just a start.

TacT will introduce a new version of the RSC, the 2.2XP
at CES this week with their new DRC software.

LyngdorfAudio(new name for TacTDK) will also be showing their Room Perfect, room correction module for the TDA2200+.
I had a 2.0 for a long while and could not get good results with it. However, I do believe in the technology and in Peter Lyngdorf and may want to give it another try with one of the newer units. A problem for me has always been how to fit the TacT into the "architecture" of my system and still keep things fairly simple.
I've had my 2.0 with all a/d and d/a options since 2000. After reading the manual (printable off the software and not included in paper form with the unit) I found the unit easy to use for room EQ. Insert software, connect computer to RCS 2.0, connect mic to 2.0 and go. The sound is great. Trying to learn more about the unit was tough and I gave up and have been happy with using the unit for EQ and preamp duties. I'm not very software literate and my computer skills border on the slow to learn side. Honestly, I would get rid of this unit right away if another preamp could tame my room. I don't have any tube traps, Room Tunes or other treatments and I don't want any. The TacT allows me to live treatment free.

Tact RCS units do not have tape outputs. My unit has two ouputs but both are controlled by the main volume. If I raise or lower the volume to my amps I raise or lower the gain to the recording.
Need help with Tact 2.2x cant find pc with serial port, tried radio shack adaptors but cant sync ports? can you program without pc.

TacT 2.2X requires a computer to program. The best solution I found was adding a serial port card to my desktop. For my laptop I use a Serial Port to USB adapter. I can't find it at the moment so I can't tell you what brand it is. That might not be all that useful to you anyway since it is for XP. I am not sure what you are using.

Are you sure you configured your computer correctly to recognize whatever port you are using for the adapter? I do know that some adapters are more problematic with TacT than others.

I strongly suggest you ask your question here:

That group is full of long-time users.

Good luck,