T.H.E. Show admission

I wanted to go to THE Show in Vegas this year, but don't understand how/if I can attend as a plain-jane audio consumer?

Sure you can. Get some business cards printed that say your the president of ABC Audio, and show the card at the registrations desk. You're in.

Have fun.
Thats what my card says.You need to be someone else,sorry,cheers,Bob
K, that's funny.
Unless things have changed (I have not attended in several years), anyone can attend T.H.E. Show.
CES requires you to be "in the trade" but T.H.E. does not.
Again, unless things have changed, T.H.E. has a preview day "to the trade," but anyone can attend after that.
I agree with Dweller the last time I went to The Show all I needed was the admissions fee. CES is another thing. They require connection to the industry but like many things there are holes in the system.
Go to your dealer. Ask for his card. Register. As an alternative - print your own. Pretty simple ;-)
Again-again: Unless things have changed, admission was free the last time I went.
Heck, they even served a free lunch and live entertainment!
The one time I went to T.H.E Show in 2006, my ID was requested at the registration desk (as was the ID of the other two gentlemen with me). I showed my CES registration.
I went last year while attending CES and had no problem getting in both times I went. Pretty laid back actually.

Is it at Alexis Park again this year?? The same dates as CES (which went to the week-end this year)?

I think I am flying out on the 6th, anyone else heading to Vegas for CES/SHOW?
As a person who attended as a manufacturer last year, I can say that anything that hikes the attendance would be most welcome. And, from what I hear through the grapevine this year, last year is going to look crowded in comparison. Discouraging people from visiting the exhibit rooms would be yet another nail in the high-end audio coffin.
As Dweller said, THE Show is open to everyone while CES is officially trade only. But some audiophiles attend, which isn't a bad thing. However, the show that's a lot more consumer friendly and easier to get around (the Venetian is a pain) is RMAF, which I strongly recommend for the general public. THE Show is at the Alexis Park only, with small shuttle buses to and from a relatively hidden location near the Venetian.

One more thing. If you didn't preregister for CES, admission is $200.