T+A 3100HV versus my existing BHK 250 and BHK pre..

Bye the way Kef reference 1 speakers with a pair JL Audio subs.  Would this be an upgrade or not? Thanks for any input as I’m into upgrade mode 🎶😎 Cheers all.Paul
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Paul: I have the T+A PA 3100 HV. I did consider the BHK pair prior to bringing the T+A on, when I was considering Pass separates (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to arrange an in home audition of the BHK units).

The PA 3100 HV is a stellar component which I chose over a number of amps (via direct, in home comparison).

Based on my ’read’ knowledge of your Kef, I believe this will be a complementary and synergistic pairing.

I do not believe you will be disappointed. However: As always, the only way to know for sure is to try it out in your own system. If you have questions specific to the PA 3100 HV, feel free to reach out via the messaging system.
Thanks for your insight! Would you care to share what other integratedes you may have considered or have heard? Paul.
The direct in home comparison was with Pass separates (XP20 - XA30.8) and the following Integrated Amps: Lyric Audio, MasterSound Evo 845, and the Ypsilon Phaethon. More recently the Grandinote Genesi Pre and Found-Music 2A3 monoblocks. All head to head comparisons.