How to use pre-existing bi-wire

I have done some research myself, but cannot get an answer that completely satisfies me.

Situation: Previous home owner left bi-wire in place for mains. My new mains do not support bi-wiring (single post set).

Since the amp end has two wires per spade, what should I do with the additional spades on the speaker end? electrically protect (tape, etc) and leave unused or attached to proper posts?

In case it is relevant, the cable is 9 gauge (Oval 9).

Thanks in Advance!


Just connect both spades on the speaker end to the proper posts.
Or ....

Redo connectors at speaker end :

(i) remove all 4 spade connectors first;
(ii) then combine and twist like cables together;
(iii) then re-solder /reconnect with new banana or z-plug connectors. I prefer quality gold plated compression plugs (including WBTs) that fit snug and no soldering req'd
+1 on what Tls49 stated.