System advice

I'm looking to upgrade my system preamp. Right now the system mime running is a set of Martin Logan SL threes, PSE studio five monoblocks and a Superphon Basic preamp. I've been looking at mainly Audio Research and Conrad Johnson preamps, mainly because I want to go to a tube preamp and I want to go with a company that is both well-established and well reviewed. I'd like to find something that has balanced outputs as well. I'm looking at something roughly in the thousand dollar range and have been looking at the LS 15, SP nine and possibly a premier seven or premier ten. I'm using audio quest Ruby interconnects and I'm wondering if I can get these re-terminated to XLR? Any advice on a preamp purchase or information on this system in general would be greatly appreciated.
as far as I know CJ preamps don't have XLR ins or outs.
ARC LS-15 is a good preamp. If you consider it, pay attention to the version of this preamp. The one with InfiniCap capacitors is superior to the one with the REL caps.
Also, you may want to check out Sonic Frontiers Line-1. Tube preamp that has balanced inputs and outputs.

As far as interconnects, I would suggest selling yours and getting the balanced version. It will not be worth re-terminating. Besides, XLR cables are different than RCA, so I am not sure "re-terminate" is even the right term.
If you want affordable XLR cable, try Blue Jeans Cable.
No conrad-johnson product has ever been released with balanced inputs or outputs.
Audio Research is the brand for you. It is well rounded equipment and a true quality investment.

I don't know if you're able to reterminate SE cables to XLR... why dont you have a look at van den Hul's Carbon cables?

Yes I know Conrad Johnson's do not have XLR connections but I've heard the sound is extremely warm and engaging and I would like to try them. I thought they made a high-end preamp that might have had balanced connections called an A. R. T. but I can't even afford the volume pot off of it. I also wasn't sure if my cables could be redone but I am not sure I could afford both a preamp and get cables. The cables I have audio quest says are balanced.
If you did go with a preamp like the LS-15, which has SE and XLR inputs/outputs, you can always upgrade to balanced cables when the budget allows.