Synergistic Research Cable w/mpc / tuning bullets not lighting up

I re cabled my whole system with Synergistic Research Element series cables about 7 or 8 years ago through a local dealer here in Atlanta.  I'm discovering that some of the tuning bullets on two interconnects are no longer lighting up.  I've tried switching mpc's and other tuning bullets but I have a pair of XLR copper series that won't light up at all and another set that one side doesn't light up anymore.  Anyone else experienced this?
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@ pwhinson - Check with Michael Spallone, our resident Synergistic MPC guru/AudiogoN member. He should be able to help you, with whatever problem you’re having. He did a really fast, excellent job for me, recently(I've gotten lazy, in my old age). Contact:
@rodman99999 Thanks.  PM send to Michael.
Here's hoping........!