TEO GC cables here on Agon

I am seriously planning on trying a pair of the liquid cables. They would replace my Audioquest Sky ( solid silver, 72V shield and about 3x as expensive) between the pre amp and the DAC. My only issue is that I really don't like to return stuff. Just wondered if anyone had thoughts on this trade out - as opposed to my mental limitations.
Maybe this thread will help.
Well...start looking for your Audioquest original packing because its probably going to get advertised in the sell segment after trying TEO GC!

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Wouldn't that be Wig :o) instead of a semicolon?

It's a wink, just wanted my response to be a friendly gesture.


i would still like to hear from someone who has made the trade between TEO and SKY. Bill
Email Agon member Markr he own sky before and now he has the GC