Symposium-Aurios-Daruma bearings?

Anyone compared these bearings in their system? What differences did you find and where they worth the money to you?

under my dCS Verdi SACD transport I liked what the Symposium Roller Block did along with theie Ultra platform. so to me they indeed do work and well worth the money. you would have to try them with your equipment.good luck
I can't compare with the Darumas and the Rollerballs, but I'm using Aurios extensively. They make a big difference, particularly under CD and DVD players. I have both of mine suspended on maple boards with Aurios beneath, and they make a world of difference (when the Aurios are in direct contact with the players, there's a bit of a metallic tinge to the sound: you should know that's a possibility going in). I also have some Aurios Pros under my preamp, and that also changes the sound significantly. All of the grades of Aurios sound different, so you need to experiment and mix and match. In my case the best arrangement for front end equipment is to use the Aurios 1.2s wih the matching 5/8" tungsten carbide balls. The 1.2s sound richer and fuller than the 1.1s, and the Pros sound richer and fuller than that, perhaps to a fault: on front end components thay may sound somewhat less clear and more bass heavy than the 1.2s. It's all a matter of taste. You can borrow Aurios, Darumas, and Symosium products from the Cable Company ( if you want to try them out.