effective use of aurios?

I have one set of aurios 1.2 bearings under my vpi hw19 mk2 and that is on a lovan soveriegn rack. I recently went to an amish lumber mill and was looking at differant species of wood to make a more robust shelf for my rack where my rig sits and and realized I have no idea how these aurios work. I realize that they are transferring mechanical energy away from the source, but do not know whether I want to put a material that is more dense and less resonant than the turntable on the receiving end of the aurios, or a meterial that is less dense and wore resonant. has anyone done any experimenting along these lines?
I have used the Aurios under a preamp, and they worked best on top of a 1" maple shelf. You can get maple shelves made to order in size, thickness and finish from places like Timbernation. You might try at least 2" thick if possible.

You need to be sure the component is evenly balanced in the center of each of the Aurios. Once you get it in place, give it a slight push to one side and it should move freely back and forth. You don't want power cords or cables twisting the unit to one side of the center of the Aurios or the other. This will reduce the isolation provided.

Aurios work best to absorb lateral motion. If your primary vibrations are vertical, for example a suspended second floor, they may not be the best solution.