Aurios Pro or Symphosium Rollerblock 2 ?

Do you have any experience or recommendation Aurios Pro or
Symphosium Rollerblock 2 for the best sound isolation
components Amps,Preamp,CD,Turntable,Tuner,Speakers.

My system is: CAT SL1, CAT JL2, Simon Yorke turntable, Graham 2.2 arm, Benz micro LP cartridge, Audio Aero Capitole CD player, Sequerra FM Reference Tuner, Runco LD, Audio Physic Avanti 3 speakers, Audio Physic Minos Sub, Cardas interconnects and speaker cables, Sound Anchor Rack, and Symphosium shelves Ultra.
I have rollerblocks 2 under my BAT vk75se amp. They help quite a bit. Also have tried them under my cd front end. Big diff there to. Right now, under my phone, pre, cd turntable, I'm using a Arcici Suspense Rack. It's pretty darn good to.
I find the very attractive Neuance iso/absorb shelves more cost-effective.
Good Luck.
I have the Roller blocks under an Audio Valve Eclipse pre amp,it's got 4 tubes,but it's a heavy solid piece of gear.

I hope it is an improvement, this is the last component I've tried them with.

Previously they were on the cd player but I didn't like the rocking after each change of a disc.
They have also sat under a Sutherland PHD phono stage.

It's one tweak that I can't say made an audible improvement.
I have the Symposium series 2 rollerblocks under everything, cdp, amp, pre and conditioner. I put a double stacked set under my cdp , and yes the second set made a substancial difference.

Since you already have Symposium shelves, it makes sense to get their rollerblocks as well.I would take the BDR cones that come with the Audio Areo off and place the first set of rollerblocks there.
SYMPOSIUM the best by far!!

You must have great reception with the RB's underneath :).