Sutherland PhD phono stage help

Wondering if some veterans with knowledge of the PhD phono could share some advice. I know this is an older unit. My PhD has the four position gain boards for 62, 64, 66, and 68db. I would like to run at around 40 - 45 db of gain. I have the two extra gain PCB's and many resistors, but I do not know which resistors to use in the gain PCB's to get it to 40 - 45db. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

should get you an answer in no time from the horse’s mouth 👍
Thanks boothroyd.
I sent an email to Sutherland support and Ron Sutherland himself responded with my answer. He said to use a 100 - 200 Ohm resistor. Nice to see a guy stand behind his product.

ron sutherland is a prince

one of the best nicest most upstanding and helpful folks in the business
The stock Boards had gain of 45-50-55-60db.
Perhaps if Ron could give you the values of the 4, you'd basically have yourself a stock board to play with.
markd51, That is a good idea. I did see some images of the upgrade PhD internal board, the one that uses AC power. On that board, the resistor values for all the gain and load options are listed right on the board. I will save that image for future testing with different r values.