Surge Protection Only

Will a power strip that only offers surge protection (no filtering etc) limit dynamics in a power amp?
I'm in the non-filtering camp as I believe filtering does reduce dynamics. But, that's my opinion.

If you are looking for surge protection only -- I'm asuggest a whole house TVSS/surge protection (on the electrical meter or seperate unit on the main panel.
I am a dealer-however, a landmark product is the Pure Power "UPS"(uninterupted power supply) These units make ALL power conditioners obsolete. The Ac from the wall is transfered to a battery and then converted into the most pure AC wave possible. I feel as though I am in a Memorex commercial with my hair blowing back. No hype.
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I have just bought a Brick Wall and it seems to offer protection without being audible. I am going to buy another. You might check them out.
Brickwall. I use the PW2RAUD from dedicated circuits. Here in the Midwest, when thunderstorms make the lights flicker, my analog systems continues to play without a hitch. I have both a high-current integrated and the TT plugged into it. It also slightly improved the sound. For my HT, APC with voltage regulation.