House surge protection and star grounding question

Hi all-
I've done a search of the archives on these subjects but I would like further information please.
Are there any whole house surge protectors avaliable that can be re-set for continued use instead of having to be replaced after receiving a knock out surge?
Manufacturers of surge protectors stress the need of another surge protector at the source (my stereo) It seems to me this would defeat the purpose of a electrical panel installed surge protector.
Also,I'd like to know the best way to install star grounding at the electrical panel.I've read running wire from the panel to a stake in the ground is a good idea.True?
Lastly,what is a good audiophile grade electrical wire in case I decide to re-wire my lines to my stereo.
Thank you!

1. There are some re-settable whole-house protectors but that depends on how they have been hit. Some surges are simply destructive.
2. Another surge protector at your system (the source, btw, is your breaker box) will not defeat but supplement the one in the panel. It will provide additional protection for induced surges which do not enter via the panel and will usually have a lower cutoff voltage.
3. Your panel should already be adequately grounded or it will not meet code specs.
4. I use the JPS Power AC In-Wall cable.

Romes 10 Gauge as good as anything. Its all just repackeged anyway.
Thanks for your post.
I'd like to learn more about star grounding at the panel and its benefits,if any.
Im also wondering if anyone agrees with Mapleleaf?