Supra Ply 3.4S

I just installed these speaker cables in my sonically ambitious HT system and am very impressed. They've made a really nice upgrade to the system and are just killer for the money. I've tried a few budget cables and never found them to be even very good for the money (especially the loved-by-some the Anti-Cables).

The sound is smooth, yet detailed and transparent, images are big and well spaced. Timing is superb, as everything is unravelled nicely. Individual instrument lines make more sense and music is more involving. I played a demo track for my wife and she teared up. That has certainly never happened with the HT system before! Dynamics are fast and bass is excellent. It's a very well balanced cable and nice and quiet (I grounded the shields as recommended).

Lars from Supra is a true pleasure to deal with and his service is outstanding. This is one of the best deals in audio cable I've come across.
Does Lars have a website or ph number?
I want summa dat...
Fla, Lars is right here on Audiogon, just type in Supra cables in the search bar. Highendman, I have biwired my speakers using the Supra PLY 4.0 cables and agree that this is one of the best cables out there for any amount of money. The intercoonects are extraordinarily good, as well. Lars is probably the coolest person that I have ever done business with.
Another sonic trait I forgot to mention is the harmonic richness. Not overly ripe, but satisyingly rich in harmonic detail. Also, on voices, you can hear more breath and intimacy. These cables get the music right.
I think the Supra cables are great and work well for me. Lars is a great individual and pleasure to work with.
The Classic 6 is working very well for me, I might try the 3.4, and see how that sounds, thanks for the info, Highwayman.

Hello Highendman, can you explain more how you ground the speaker cable ? I know the part that amplifier end you could ground it to chassis , how about the speaker end ?
Raysclim, You simply connect the shield along with the negative lead of the cable at the amplifier end.
That is, you don't connect the shield at the speaker end.
Thanks Highendman . this is very helpful .
also , I was planning to use the same cable for my Car Audio system to connect to tweeter unit . Mid bass and sub woofer. can ply3.4S used for three different frequency driver ?
Just an FYI: You can purchase Supra speaker cable at Madisound. Nice people, great service...
I have had this cable in my system for about ten years now. It has survived various upgrades to other parts of the system, which says a lot.

Only cable I would replace it with is Supra Sword...
Mogami 3103 and supra ply 3.4 are very problematic cables. The Mogami sounds very dark, heavy, slow and atmospheric with rolled-off highs. When i put it in my system it sounded like i thrown blankets to the speakers. I really felt sick with this cable on. The Supra Ply 3.4 has many problems ,too. The first big problem is the lead voacals which sound laid back and very muddy. You will not hear a thing of what the lead singer sings with this cable. The second serious probelm with this cable is its stereo image. It is not balanced and it draws the vocals to the left side. It's like the plane is leaning towrds the left side. That is very annoying. Libery ultracap has many problems too. Skip all the budget cables, that's my advice.