Mogami 3103 and Supra Ply3.4 speaker cables. Review.

Mogami 3103 and Supra ply 3.4 are very problematic cables. The Mogami sounds very dark, heavy, slow and atmospheric with rolled-off highs. Some have said that it sounds dull, and i can confirm that. If your system is extremely bright and extremely thin sounding, you might like it. When i put it in my system it sounded like i thrown blankets to the speakers. I really felt sick with this cable on. I didn't enjoy music with the Mogami cable. The Supra Ply 3.4 has many problems, too. The first big problem is the lead voacals which sound laid back, cloudy and very muddy. You will not hear a thing of what the lead singer sings with this cable. Backing vocals sound nice. The second serious probelm with this cable is its stereo image. It is not balanced and it draws the vocals to the left side. It's like the plane is leaning towards the left side. That is very annoying.  This cable sounds soft, cloudy and very dull. Hi Fi News described as Lethargic and they still gave it a top award. Their review is 100% accurate. Skip all the low budget cables, that's my advice. 
Not sure how a cable can cause vocals to shift to one side, unless the cable on the other side is defective, or perhaps if a polarity difference exists between the two cables or their connections. Also, you might consider providing a description of the equipment you evaluated these cables with, as most audiophiles recognize that cable performance is significantly system-dependent.

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hah it's just bashing of Mogami cables. nothing else.
cables can't do that for sure.
As you see the review is negative for both speaker cables, not only the Mogami. Secondly, yes the speaker cables have a stereo image and soundstage performance, don't you know? So, of course the placement of the vocals can change because of the speaker cable. I did the comparison many times between the Supra Ply 3.4 and the Van Damme Professional Blue Series Studio Grade 2 x 4.0 mm,  Twin-Axial Speaker Cable. My favourite budget cable. Each time that i changed the cables back and forth the Van Damme provided a better stereo balance with better focus and placement of the vocals in the center between the two speakers. Each time that i put the Supra Ply 3.4 back, i insantly noticed a bad stereo image, with vocals and also some other instruments shift to the left. side. Many cables that have a wide stereo image seam to draw them to the side, failing to provide a strong center image fill. I have read about this many times in many reviews. Don't you read any reviews, at all? Also, i use unterminated cables. There is absolutely no other issue of wrong polarity. It is just a bad sounding cable, with a bad stereo image/balance.
I do not believe in synergy, much. Each cable has a very specific sound that does not change if you put it in a different system. Like i said, the Hi Fi News test review about the Supra cable is 100% accurate. I totally agree with them. Chech out the following reviews. Notice that the comments on the second review about the Supra Ply 3.4 are similar with mine. On the first review notice the comments about the vocals, that are more focused and more center stage.

Review 1

Rediscovering AlphaCore MI1 speaker cables
When I was using the Onkyo A-9555 class D integrated amp I lost interest in the MI1 cables. The low inductance of the cables somehow rolled off the highs so you had strong bass, detailed mids and missing highs. Recently Flo was posting about them and I had never used them with the Krell.

I dug them out of the wire box and hooked them up. Bass is stronger, deeper and better defined. Bass notes are as focused as the mids and highs in all styles of music. Some bass notes are rounder and fuller than with other cables and much more like they would sound live. 

Vocals are more focused, more center stage and human. String quartets are more enjoyable to my ears with the violins, viola and cello having more an individual voice. Vocals in groups like the Black Eyed Peas are more easy to follow.

Highs are excellent. No stridency to the sound or other unnatural artifacts. Just very natural music.


LISTENING TEST I listened to the Supra Ply 3.4/S in comparison with my reference Goertz MI 2 Veracity 3′ biwire pair. The Supra’s treble was just a little grainy, and its transients were a touch rolled off. The midrange and lower treble were more prominent, and the bass sounded rich but a little flabby. The soundstage was more vague than that of the Goertz, and reverb was not as pleasantly noticeable. Overall, the Supra was darker and less involving. After changing back to the Goertz for more reference listening, I then switched to the Kimber 8TC speaker cables. The Kimber’s midrange was a bit less meaty, but the bass was more solid. Dynamics sounded equally good, though transients were not quite as coherent. The soundstage was very vivid, with good depth but not quite as much width. The top octave was not as present nor as clean as with the Goertz, but the treble was more prominent. WRAP-UP I found the Supra Ply 3.4/S was not the best match for my system. It sounded too veiled and soft for me to recommend it as a competitor to the others. However, it is more affordable than the others and may be a decent choice at entry-level. All of the Supra cables have a pastel “ice blue” color jacket that is absolutely delicious to the eye. It’s unfortunate that they were not as delicious to my ears, because I really wanted to like them. I found the Kimber 8TC, which has been
I don't know, but it sounds like something else is going on with your system. The higher end Supra Cables have received very good reviews. Some described their sound as being more open and less veiled, with very "tight bass".
Imaging with cable changes can be more focused or more diffuse. The imaging should not shift left to right because of a cable ( unless one is poorly terminated or damaged).
I have some 3.4S here which I bought for internal wiring of a speaker. I have not used it yet, but will do so soon on this project. I will get back with results. I also have Lessloss C-mark hook up wire, which has received very good customer feedback. I may end up using both; Supra for the mid-woofer and C-mark for the upper range.
Good luck!
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"Skip all the low budget cables,..."  LOL.  Just as if the high budget cables will magically change the laws of electricity and cloudiness. 
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A high quality cable will sound better: better clarity, better stereo image, that's for sure.
noisebilly OP32 posts08-16-2017 7:25amA high quality cable will sound better: better clarity, better stereo image, that's for sure.

I agree to that one, but so far haven't spent more than $49/pair