Sunfire True Sub Jr. VS. M&K VX-100

I need a compact sub and was wondering if people had any thoughts as to which one of these is better? I am mainly interested in finding out which one is better for music, although home theater is a small part of the equation as well. My room is large (cathedral ceilings etc. but the listening position is barely 8 feet from the speakers). My main speakers are PSB Stratus Bronze (which go down to around 40 Hz). Also, because of severe space limitations I CANNOT consider full size subs. Input on the True Sub MK II as well would be useful. THANKS!!
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I have the Sunfire MK II sub in the similiar setting. I am totally pleased with the MK II's performance both with music and home theater. It has all the bass I need and then some. See if you can borrow the subs and test them at home before you buy them.
M&k MX-70 is a outstanding compact sub. I have a 20X20 room with vaulted ceilings. Exceptional Audio performance. The amount of energy from this compact unit is incredible. I will fax a info. sheet at your request. I also have it listed for sale. Also It will go to 24hz. [email protected]
I have auditioned the True Sub Jr... and if your speakers go down to 40hz, this isn't going to do much for you for audio. I have also auditioned the True Sub MKII and the True Sub Signature, and my recommendation is to go with the Signature if it is in your budget. I am waiting until I can afford the Signature...
I have listened (AND OWNED) both of these fine subs. I don't think you would regret owning either one of them. If I had to choose one, it would be the Sunfire. It seems to go a little lower, and to me a bit tighter than the M&K. But again, they are both fine subs.
You NEED to go check out HSU subwoofers. they are cyclinder in shape and go more vertical than out (if that isn't a problem). Their cost is comparable to both of the above mentioned, but handily outperform them both too.
Thanks to all of you for your input. Compact size is really the key in my case. Montoya, I saw your ad for the MX 70B - unfortunately, its about 20 inches high and that's too tall for my space. I am now also considering the Gallo Acoustics MPS 150 - it has the big advantage that the amp section can be separated from the subwoofer - doesn't go as low as the M&K or the Sunfire, but it may do the job. The problem with the HSU again, is height - 32 to 52 inches depending on the model.