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Custom Power Cord Company
Hello. I am interested in selling a TOP GUN custom power cord that I purchased in a lot of other equipment (the other stuff had nothing to do with audio, don't know why it was even in there) it's a 3 foot cable, and it is quite large. I have no id... 
U2: Live In Boston - Seriously Excellent
One of the best for sure! 
Dented Tweeter?
Chewing gum! That's right, chewing gum. Works every time. Chew it for awhile, then stick it to the dome, gently pull,Bam! Fixed.Try it, it works. Hope this helps you. 
Velodyne Vs. Hsu
Try a SV sub. You want buy either one of these, I promise. 
Monster Cable Kicks Butt?
Mar00, You are exactly correct. This thing with cables is wild. I do believe everyone should use decent cables, but these people who spend thousands on cables has been fooled into believing something that's not there.I myself have tried various ca... 
Hsu or yamaha sub?
I have both a hsu and a yamaha. I don't have the yst800, but the reviews are really good on it. The yamahas I've heard indeed sound good. In the end, I would have to go with the Hsu subs. Really, really deep bass. The only fault I can really find ... 
Do video processors really work on rear proj. tv's
Have you tried the DVDO unit? They are really good for the money. You will definitly see a better picture. Hope this helps. 
what do you think about SONY's XBR direct view TVs?
I have the Sony xbr200 Wega. It is one of the few Video pieces I have kept for any lenth of time. It's not HDTV, but for analog, Wow! The new 40" would be a dream come true for me. Good luck. roachone 
Replacing a blown woofer. I need help
Thanks guys for your help.I called Definitive Tech. The woofer is $140.00 and that includes shipping! Not bad. I think that's the way to go. Thanks, Roachone 
SACD : why ?
Yes. I use the 777es player. Regular cd's sound fine, and for a lot of folks, it will be all they want. The ? was do they sound better than cd's? I can't, for the life of me, believe 15 out of 15 liked regular cd's better.I'm still having "ordinar... 
SACD : why ?
Well I just purchased a Sony SACD. Now I must confess, I'm not an audiophile like most of you, but I indeed hear a difference! I have also had several of my in-laws to listen and they agree also.I hear things in the recordings I have never heard b... 
Sony SCD 777 vs. Wadia 830?
I have listen to both. The Sony wins. I almost hate to say that! 
HT subwoofers
First of all, you are not going to get 5hz. I know of no recording that goes that low. What type of music do you love? The hsu's are hard to beat. Give them a listen. 
Is Cinepro any good?
No other way to put it, they kick butt!!! 
Speaker help please for $2000 US
Please listen to RGH.