SunfireTheater Grand ???

I've read that Sunfire will do factory upgrades of the original Theater Grand to Mk II status for something like $1000. Anyone know if this is true ? If so, what happens with the warranty ? I keep forgetting to call them during normal business hours and was hoping someone here might be able to fill me in on what the deal is. For those of you that do have a Theater Grand, i was wondering how you like it, what you've compared it to, ease of operation and your thoughts on tonal balance of the unit. Please clarify if the unit that your refering to is a Mk I or Mk II. I'm considering purchasing one of these to replace my current piece, which is a Marantz AV-9000. Was also considering the Golden Theater, but have reservations about reliability and being able to get the unit serviced. Any comments or suggestions welcome. Sean >
Sean, not to change the subject but where did you get the Mobile Spec cables Issabre is raving about, do they really cost $15 a pair? No info on internet, I believe you said in past posts you like Geortz cables, are these Mobile Spec really as good as $100-400 range ICs? Sam
Sunfire is currently offering for $1000 plus $25 for shipping that you can trade in your TG-1 for a brand new TG-2.
Thanks for the follow-up, but i found nothing to confirm your statement anywhere on their website. I'm going to give them a call in the morning and find out exactly is involved. Sean >