Differences - Sunfire Theater Grand II and III

I cannot find any information on the 'net about the II version but there is plenty of info on the III. Anybody out there that can tell me about the II?
I believe the major differences are that the III has analog inputs for DVD-A and SACD, and a digital version of the sonic hologram generator, as well as pro-logic II .
There's some other minor differences but I forget what they are.
the primary diff, i believe, is the II is a single zone while the III is a 2 zone machine.
I have the II and it does have the SACD analog inputs and hologram. Soundseller.com had B stock at 995.00 when I bought mine a month ago. At that price it seemed like a steal.You have to call to get that price.( original retail posted on their site is 3500.00 or so) The only problem was the adapter needed for the six channel analog input. I bought one from Sunfire, but it turned out to be cheesy computer cable.( is says so right on the cable) Oddly enough, the manual clearly states not to use computer cable. Monster has a real cable for around 95.00. Another minor complaint is that the remote has no back lighting, so it is hard to use in a dark room. Other than that, this processor lacks nothing that I am aware of. I had a problem finding info on the II before I bought it. I am pretty sure the Sunfire site had a link to one or two glowing reviews. If not, then it must have been Google. There is also a fair amount of info on the soundseller.com site. Good luck.
The II doesn't have 6 channel analog input - honest - if you need confirmation, look on the back for the six discrete inputs. What you're taking about is the DB-25 connector for direct connection [without a bundle of wires] to an external processor or DVD player that has its own processor.
I passed on a II because it didn't have the capability to work with DVD-A / SACD and went with a III.
I went from a II to a IV because I wasn't happy with the cheesy DB-25 connector. The II DOES, however, provide input for 6 channel - I was using it!!

Call SUnfire and they will confirm this - its just that it inputs thru the DB-25 connector. If you are happy with the sound, go for the II - it will take 6 channel inputs and process them. If not, there are the III and IV.
Hey Snofun3, as a newbie I may have passed on some bad information. When I said the II had six channel analog input, I was talking about the DB-25 via an adapter. Are they one and the same? Is there an advantage to using a the III with six discrete inputs? My CDP is Denon 3910 with 6 RCA into DB-25 adapter. Your post makes me think I am missing out on something by using the DB-25. Is this true? I think this info. would be of interest to Kira as well.