Sun light issues... possibly?

My system is set in a room with a full southern exposure and has large windows on the south wall. My stereo system is on the west wall of the room. So the left channel speaker always sees the sun for the first half of the day. Over time, will the sunlight have an effect on the foam rubber edge of my low and midrange drivers? Possibly fade the finish of the speaker cabinet?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
The glass will block most of the damaging UV rays, but there could still be some deterioration.

You could swap the left and right speakers every two or three years.
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I can only speak for myself, but after years of sunlight on my left speaker, the wood finish no longer matched the other speaker.
Elizabeth's idea would probably work in this case.
I would try to keep both in shade, even if it means using a room divider, umbrella, curtain, etc...that could be moved out of the way if necessary for serious listening.
Elizabeth is correct. You could hang a sheet of mylar with tape to block the sun and take it down whenever you want. Sunlight can damage lots of things like car interiors, speaker cones and (fade) cabinets. You could also tape mylar to or just use cardboard for the temporary sunlight. Best of luck.
even mild light can effect the finish on wood. i keep my speakers draped with soft synthetic blankets when not listening to the stereo. they blend into the background and add a bit of protection.
Check out a website called have roll down UV transparent shades that are like sun glasses. Very effective. If their prices are not in your range there are a number of sites that have UV pull down roller shades at different price levels by doing a Google search.
heat and uv will definitely accelerate the deterioration and aging of the rubber driver surrounds. naturally, as the elastomers leak out, they get super brittle and crumble with the slightest of touch.

That would be my main concern.
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