Possibly blown tweeter?

So I recently acquired a pair of Paradigm persona B used, everything sounds really good and normal and I don’t believe I’ve driven past its limit and have been listening to mostly music. One day I started to listen to podcast, and noticed some male voice will create sudden burst of a sizzle/rattle noise from one of the speaker (the same noise you hear when you are in a bubble bath and all the tiny bubbles foams start to pop). They also sound like when you’re placing your iPhone/MacBook on a metal surface and it vibrates together with the surface when playing loud.

I originally thought it’s resonating with maybe some furnitures, but after some digging, I’ve pin-pointed that it’s indeed the tweeter. Interestingly, signal sweep won’t reveal the issue, piano won’t reveal the issue, it’s only male voices from podcasts.. it’s driving me a little crazy so I’ve reached out to paradigm and see how much it will cost to replace it (as I also notice the warranty isn’t transferrable even though the speaker has 5 year warranty from the first owner and the product line is less than 5 years old). Wish me luck..

Lastly, I always thought blown tweeter or damaged tweeter must have some obvious flaws, but in my case, I think the tweeter is still 97% functional, it just distorts with a set of podcasts, it’s really annoying. I’m perplexed but also relieved to be able to reproduce the issue and could tell Paradigm exactly what to do to reproduce it once if they receive my unit.
Are you sure it's not your hearing? Compression can introduce harmonic distortions that can cause ear resonances.
I thought about that too, but that's the first thing I tried to eliminate as this problem only happens to one of the two speakers, also doesn't show up on my HD800s which is the headphone I used to debug this.   
Everything is tight? Make sure they are torqued in place and not vibrating because of another driver. Check the securements coming lose from driver to faceplate or faceplate to cabinet.. Check for wires being lose and vibrating.

I'm guessing it's a mechanical noise. You can use a small vac hose to listen whether it is a vibration, or a cracked part. Cabinet or actually the driver, low volume, ay..

LPad if you have them.. clean them move back and forth like 3000 times. :-)

All I have that cost nothing...

Happy hunting...

Everything is indeed tight, too bad you can't take the grill off the persona B and see the driver. Another observation is if I place my band a few mm in front of the tweeter grill, the distortion disappear completely 
Have you swapped the speakers to be sure it is them and not the electronics??
If the tweeter was bad, how would you get at it? Same difference ay..

I'm not sure, what your working with. Let me see if I find a pic..

Ouch... special filter on the face of the tweeter.. for incoming distortion, your blocking something going in or out with your hand?.

Touch the face of the tweeter GRILL diffuser with a pencil eraser, or something pretty soft.. Is it cracked?

Looks like a job, if you had to change it, but you never know...

Even a paper napkin a few mm above the tweeter grill will resolve this distortion. Again, the speaker sounds very normal and the tweeter is clear and balanced most of all the time, it's only triggered with podcast style male vocals..
I had this problem with one of my Paradigm Studio 20's a few years ago. I contacted Paradigm and sent in my tweeter. It was good, it turned out to be the crossover. Paradigm was a great help and got a crossover to me quickly. It was easy to install and fixed my problem.
Thank you, I hope it's a crossover issue too as it's much cheaper to replace. 
Could it be the recording?  Have you tried swapping the inputs as mentioned above?  I've used a computer mic for voice and if you aren't careful it's easy to introduce distortion into the recording.  
I had tweeter issuews, found out it was a  blown (foam inside completely gone, after 17 yrs use), both with new voice coil/diaphrams tested at 95%,, tech guy said, get new ones with the new Mundorf Cap xovers,,so I did, = $700. gave the old ones away to a  DIY forum amigo.
New Millenniums sound nearly same as old, but obviously have a  tiny nuance perf vs the old 
I figured I'll never have to buy another tweet ever again, so I guess worth the $700
To start out switch the speaker wires on the amp. Right becomes left and left becomes right. Keep the polarity correct. If it stayed with that speaker it’s the speaker. I too feel likes it’s the crossover. You can swap parts from one speaker to the other. Swap the tweeters. If the bad tweeter still sounds off in the opposite cabinet it is the tweeter. If it did not it is the crossover. Usually the capacitor goes on the crossover and you get some weird sounds like you described. If they will allow it replace both crossovers. So you keep a good balanced sound signature. Even if they charge you a few bucks for the second one it is worth it. 
So! I contacted Paradigm, bad news is indeed these do not have warranty due to being second handed so they can't inspect them, the good news is, they were able to help me by sending the service manuals which explain how to open the speaker.

So I opened the speaker and started observing any anomalies.. and soon enough I find a metal groove that looks kinda unnecessary and strange and then saw there is a metal dot that protruded from the backside of the grill that's not aligned to the groove!

So I had to push the grill out (it's taped with double sided adhesive) with a lot of force, rotate the grill, and then snap them back where the metal dot exactly aligned with the groove.
I then checked any other screws or grooves that might have issues, one of the screw on the tweeter's housing felt a bit loose so I also tightened that one. 

Then I put the grill back , the weird distortion is now gone! 

Below is the picture to illustrate the metal dot issue https://imgur.com/WTt8kNA 

Man oh man, that's better than eatin' bugs...

Glad you got it...

Love it. There is always a reason.
That's great.  Way to go keeping positive about it all.