Suitable tube preamp for pass labs x250

I'd like to get a tube preamp to use with pass labs x250 power amp. What are your recommendations? I'd like to get a nice, smooth and rich sound from Dynaudio S5.4... I listen to mostly acoustic music, jazz/free jazz with lots of dynamics and rock and roll with plenty of lo fi recordings...

Price bracket would be $4000-$6000
Thanks a lot!
Janhavjar I really like these three preamps for various reason.

Aesthetix's Saturn Calypso
McIntosh C2300
Shindo Monbrison or Aurieges

Happy listening.
I suggest looking for a preamp with an output impedance of 350 ohms or less (lower the better, IMO), and with a differential balanced design. Pass Labs work best with lower output impedances, and Pass Labs suggests running them balanced.

Check the output impedances of recommended preamps, and do a search of available Stereophile reviews. The Measurements section of those reviews will go into detail about the output impedance specifications, and the typical amplifier that will work best with each preamp.
I posted your question in reverse just recently. Cary slp98 and what amp to recommend and some suggested the pass labs such as yours. Could be had for half of your low end price. I,m very pleased with it myself and when I get a better amp such as yours I know it will improve that much more. There are alot to choose from. Have a friend who has the Shindo Monbrisson which although more dollars is a great option if it suites your tastes.Can,t comment on how the Monbrison sounds with solid state amp as his is tubed and it sounds excellant. I tried the calypso (Dealers demo)as a loaner to try at home and descided on the cary but I certainly wouldn,t knock the calypso it just didn,t work as well in my system like it did in the dealers with the Atlas amp. The Cary SLP05 would be a good option as well.That I have heard with a pass labs 250.5 . Only the cost stopped me from the last two mentioned unfortunately. 4000 to 6000 really broadens your choices. Good luck and enjoy. Cheers
Thanks guys!

One of my options was Cary SLP-05.
Then I had in mind CAT SL-1 Ultimate Mk I and was offered CJ ART... Anyone has any idea how they compare?
The CAT Ultimate mk1 is my brothers choice. Has only vynil and an an old tube tuner for source and no digital at all with early 70,s era klipsh speakers. VERY VERY SWEET. Another good option and in your price range. Can,t comment on CJ as I have not listened to any of there products. Cheers
Definitely go with a true balanced pre-amp. I ended up with a BAT VK3ix After my search for a pre to match my X150. I liked it better than Pass's own X2.5 pre.
Atmasphere or Sonic Frontiers?
When I had my Pass 250.5 I used it with a Thor TA-1000, absolutely superb match.
I would pay attention to what Tvad said. Great preamps won't sound so good if not matched properly with the input impedance of the amp. One fine tube preamp that can qualify would be the Joule LA150-MKii with the MU follower engaged (400 ohm output impedance set like that), should be able to drive most any load. Though it does not run balanced. THe Atma-sphere MP-3 is also quite good, but I'm not sure what the output impedance is - I think it is 600 ohms, which should work fine.
I used a Cary SLP-05 with my Pass Labs X350.5 Amp and the combo was not good.
There was limted frequencey on the ends and low dynamics.

Suggest going to a Pass Labs Preamp.
Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK III was a good match with my XA-60.5 even though the output impedance is higher than 350 ohms.

An even better match was a Lamm L2 Reference, but it's not a tube linestage.

An ARC Ref3 was lackluster with the XA-60.5, IMO.
Used all of these preamps on my X150.

In order of what I think worked best - all preamps worked well.

1. Supratek Chardonney (more tubey sounding warmer deeper bass) no longer made though.
2. Modwright SWL9.0 (better soundstage more focused sound more prominent treble though not bright, clean , but not tubey sounding)
3. Belles 28A (best tightest bass most extended, great soundstage, harmonically a little thin, great remote control)
4. Joule LA100mkIII - (warmest of all above and not as refined though this is Joules older preamp the newer LA150 , is supposed to sound similiar to Modwright)

Given that you have the X250 and not the X250.5 which is suppose to be warmer, I'd go with a warmer fuller sounding preamp. I'd check out the Modwright (even the 36.5) with tube rectfication (though it is not a tubey sounding preamp it is not thin). A newer Joule the Cary 05 is suppose to be tremendous. Abe Collins used it with his X150 and he loved that combo.
Tvad, the output impedance of the MP-1 is closer to 30 ohms, not 350. Its bandwidth is unaffected by load.
08-18-09: Atmasphere
Tvad, the output impedance of the MP-1 is closer to 30 ohms, not 350.

Thanks very much for correcting the record. I didn't check the specs as I normally do, and I was going off memory of all the discussions regarding the 600 ohm standard, so I mistakenly thought the output impedance was 600 ohms.

At 30 ohms, there's no wonder it sounded very good with the Pass Labs XA-60.5.
I used a First Sound preamp while I had an X250 with great results. Fernando