Suggestion for bedroom speakers

I am settting up a new bedroom system and am thinking to choose the speakers among Paradigm Atom V.3, PSB Alpha B and Polk Audio RTi28. Any suggestion from present user will be very helpful. Thanks
Axiom M3Ti will spank all of these.
dont overlook the little but mighty mission 731i speakers. kurt
at their price points.
If you need to place the speakers close to the rear wall, you may find that speakers with rear firing bass ports will not work well. For example, I auditioned Paradigm Titans which sounded great in a showroom, but the bass boomed when I tried to place them in a small room.
I run Martin Logan ascents (Electostats) in my bedroom. There a little bit big but really fill the room with sound and not real bassy with tube gear.
All of the above suggestions are good...the Mission's are front-ported and the Axiom's are rear ported. If I were you, I'd audition a few pairs in your house with your system (good dealers will let you audition at home, and Axiom has a 30-day trial policy). Let each pair play for a few days before judging them. You will definitely prefer one over the others.
I don't think you can find a better stand mounted speaker thatn that Linn Katan. They deliver good full bass and a sweet high with exceptional mid's. They are worth every penny, but only if you invest in a good stand. Placement is not crucial either.
Based on some general recommendations from other Audiogon posters, I recently bought a pair of PSB Image 2b's for my son to use in his dorm room. They sound very, very good, indeed. We were able to find a new pair with 24" stands for $369, total, delivered. For that price, new, they would be very hard to beat, IMHO.
thank you all
soliloquy sat 5. small sealed box with same drivers as 5.0 and 5.3.
Monitor Audio Bronze, Ascend Acoustic CBM-170 (?), GR-Research Paradox 1 or AV-1, B&W 601s3, Acoustic Energy EVO 1, Sound Dynamics RTS-3 (?) would be my list.