Subwoofer splitter help

Hello.  So I bought a new integrated with a single RCA out subwoofer jack.  I have 2 subs that I want to hook up to it.  Both subs have left/right jacks.   How do I split the one output from the amp to the 4 inputs to the subs (one left/right each to each sub)???  If you could provide a link to such a splitter, I would greatly appreciate it.


Just use a Y splitter, with one cable going to each sub. Single sub outputs are summed. 
There is no L/R with subs. They are labeled that way because this is easier than explaining to audiophiles how everything they think they know about subs is wrong. Does not matter how you connect them. If you can go from one sub to the next, do that. Or split. Whatever you do, position the subs asymmetrically, different distances from the corners.